Freddd's Active B12 and Folate Protocol



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It's WOW all over again

发表于 Jan 17, 2007

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My first 48 hours with TMG have been real eye-openers. This is doing more of what methylb12 and SAM-E in the sense of a literal visual brightening, mood brightening, and a certain kind of energy increase, both did previously. On a very preliminary survey of the usual 5, it's a very positive response so far of 3 of 3 who have tried it. While the magitude of increase is below that of my initial methylb12 doses, it is larger than that of the SAM-e. This is the first brand I've tried so I have no idea if there are brand differences as with some products.


Top notch

发表于 Feb 23, 2011

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This Country Life Dibencozide (adenosylb12) is like Sherlock Holme's Smarter Brother, not often heard from. It is the other naturally active form of b12 which functions in the mitochondria by being at the base of the Kreb's cycle producing ATP. While most people can convert some methylb12 to adenosylb12 it isn't usually enough to recover from a deficiency, the main symptoms being fatigue or severe fatigue and muscle pains of several kinds, muscle atrophy and so forth. There are not many brands of this so we are lucky that this one is excellent, low acid and absorbed well by oral membranes.


Last detail in loosing weight and water

发表于 Jun 20, 2007

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This specific form of carntine allowed mwe to loose 50 pounds of fat and water just by taking it with my other supplements. With another form of carnitine I put back on 3opounds in 6 weeks, and have taken 18 of that off again. IT also game me an immediate boost in energy and mood.


The Best of the Best

发表于 Feb 23, 2011

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The Solgar Metafolin tablets are so superior in my experience to any amount of folic acid or folinic acid that it was obvious the very first day. Lifelong angular cheilitis at the corner of my lips which is a mass of scar tissue now started healing immediately, the skin around my nails and finger and toe tips stopped peeling and was healthy pink skin and I started dreaming normally again for the first time in decades. Despite both methtylb12 and adenosylb12 and lot of other things helping, this kicked my tissue healing into high gear.


Clearly one of the most effective methylcobalamins

发表于 Sep 24, 2008

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I and my 3 children are hypersensitive to methylcobalamin. Jarrow is generally sensed within 10 minutes of using sublingually and is very effective. In 10 brands that we tested of sublingual methylb12 Jarrow was one of only two brands that rated 5 stars. I have had pronounced healing since starting this brand.


L-carnitine fumerate quite different results fron aceytal l-carnitine

发表于 Feb 05, 2007

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This form of carnitine affects my metabolism. I lost 50 pounds in 5 months with it. On the aceytal l-carnitine, I gained 30 pounds in 6 weeks (significant part is water for unknown reasons). The fumarate also gives me endless energy while the other doesn't affect that. The other forms are supposed to affect other tissue and may not produce a quickly noticable effect.


One of the best methyl b12s

发表于 Nov 28, 2006

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I and my 3 children are hypersensitive to methyl b12. Jarrow methyl b12 is generally effective within 10 minutes and is one of the most active and effective brands we have found.



发表于 May 17, 2011

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I was hoping a food extracted folate contained in this product would not cause me the same paradoxical folate deficiency that folic acid and folinic acid do. Unfortunately it does so I can't use this otherwise very fine product. I am hoping to find more selection of b-complex products without folic or folinic acid in any form and if possible with Metafolin.


A genuinely superior b-complex

发表于 Jan 11, 2007

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This b-complex which includes methylcobalamin is noticably active and does not make b-burps because of the microencapsulizatin.


产品 1-9,共 9 个产品