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Best deal on Vit C available

发表于 Mar 01, 2011

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Taking Vitamin C in this form (sodium ascorbate) is the best. I use it to make liposomal C. But it's also quite nice to simply dissolve a little in some water or juice and take it that way. Much more palatable, imho, than Ascorbic acid crystals. In addition, if you have receding gums, or you need it topically - it is a better format in general. Simply wet the powder with some water, make a paste, and apply it to gums. Studies also show that some skin tumors simply fall off using topical C (not to be used with malignant melinoma - at least not alone). So the topical application again makes it superior to ascorbic acid - which burns too much to use for topical. So overall, for most uses of Vitamin C, this is really the best going that I've been able to find on the net.


Good product - actually works

发表于 Mar 18, 2011

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My wife and I both have used this product on multiple occasions after starting antibiotics. In every case, within a day or two of starting these probiotics, the intestinal issues resolved. Sometimes it resolved the intestinal symptoms on the same day. Excellent product.


Seems to work

发表于 Aug 31, 2011

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I've been using it after strenuous yoga workouts. I took two of these on an empty stomach after straining my intercostal muscles. A few hours later - NO pain. I was impressed. It worked rapidly for me that time and some others I've used it.


Excellent price, good product

发表于 Mar 18, 2011

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Now typically makes some of the lowest priced yet decent quality items - this is no exception. Great for making liposomal vitamin C, or just adding into the diet. The non GMO piece of it is essential in this day and age.



发表于 Apr 23, 2011

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We have a few of these for my wife & I - we take a good amount of supplements. They are better if you take a good size group of supplements many times a day. We've only had them for a few weeks, so I can't say for sure. But we're hoping the little flap with which you open each compartment holds up. Plastic, when continually bend can eventually weaken and break. So I hope these least at least a year - but we'll see.


Great product, great service, great shipping

发表于 Nov 18, 2008

IHerb has been a good solid company to purchase multiple items from over the years. So far, they've not missed a beat - recommended


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