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This actually seems to work

Reviewer1301163发表于 7月 24, 2012

I've heard all my life that gelatin is good for nails, but, even though I've always had weak nails, I never tried it. There's actually some white showing at the top of all my nails right now. That has never happened before. (I'm 66) This is my third bottle.


Strengthens hair & nails, improves skin texture

morganwellinger发表于 1月 26, 2012

I have been putting 4 of these capsules, along with 2 small envelopes of Knox unflavored gelatin in my green smoothies everyday for the past 2 weeks. The results have been great. I feel my hair has grown and it has much more sheen and silkiness. My nails have grown significantly longer and have been the strongest they have ever been. My skin has much more elasticity and seems to be much smoother. Even when I don't get enough sleep, the 'lines' under my eyes seem much less defined! HIGHLY recommended for people looking to improve their hair, skin and nails! Can't beat the price either! Thanks iherb!


21st Century Gelatin Capsules

Reviewer3041481发表于 5月 26, 2012

This is one of the best products of its kind for a reasonable price. I take 2 capsules a day and it keeps my my nails, hair, and joints healthy. Gelatin, along with my regular vitamins and exercise, keeps me going! If you are young and have no problems, you may not notice the effects; however, if you are beginning to feel some creaking in the joints and your nails start to become brittle, this will definitely help.


Nail and Bone Health

Reviewer2457612发表于 7月 09, 2009

My nails have really improved since taking these gelatin capsules....hope it helps my bone density since I'm in my sixties. I hope it also eliminates my plantar facciitis.


Changed to 5 star rating!!!

Reviewer2627454发表于 12月 16, 2014

I previously had this rated 4 stars because it seemed to interfere with taking electrolytes (chest pain occurred), we stopped the electrolytes and the gelatin works wonders by itself! My mother who has signs of fibromyalgia is seeing significant improvement in her joint pain which has plagued her whole body for quite some time, saw excellent results only after a week of use, now after completing a bottle she is almost pain free! Just some stubborn pain left in her hand. She is on her second bottle now and says she will always be taking it and highly recommends it to anyone she talks to. Started with one capsule for the first week, up two by the second week and now taking three.


Gelatin from 21st Century

Reviewer1325617发表于 12月 26, 2014

Amazingly big stuff in a small package! I'm a marathon runner who happened to have knee issues from 2008 - 2010. In 2010, a friend suggested I add Gelatin to my running regime (glucosomine, clendroitin, MSM) and ever since then I have had NO knee issues. No more Cortizone shots and no more knee pain. Thanks to 21st Century all is well in my knee and my running world!! Thank You!!!


Cartilage building blocks for my joints

Reviewer2049463发表于 6月 25, 2008

I was searching for a product like this. It's less work than mixing powdered gelatin. No more pain in my knees.


Instead of Chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, MSM, etc...

Reviewer1244807发表于 4月 02, 2009

I am unable to take most joint supplements because they upset my stomach, so I decided to give gelatin a shot. I love it! Less pain everywhere and no upset stomach!


Good for hair & cartlidge

Reviewer2455113发表于 10月 18, 2012

A friend suggested that I take unflavored Gelatin in powdered form and I had a hard time finding it. So I thought maybe in capsule form. I have been taking this now about 2 weeks. I started because of my knee pain and had minor knee surgery in 09 and still now it hurts at times. So I started taking Gelatin and only after 2 days...no pain and the pain has not returned! Great product thanks iHerb. Mary in AZ


Love this Product!

Reviewer2725292发表于 2月 02, 2015

Saw results in skin, hair and nails in a few days! I highly recommend this'd to everyone!


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