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red rice yeast

Reviewer2248710发表于 Aug 28, 2008

I picked this brand because consumerlab.com found it to be one that wasn't contaminated with citramin, a naturally occurring toxin (and bad for you!) that was in some other brands. And I can personally testify to red rice yeast lowering my genetically high cholesterol when even a really great diet couldn't. This brand also (according to consumer lab) had a consistent level of statins -- twice as much as my other (contaminated brand) had. The product came promptly. Thanks! Laura


Ten to fifteen points

Reviewer2902067发表于 Jul 01, 2010

This product lowered my cholesterol 10-15 points


Efficacy of RYR in controlling cholesterol

Reviewer1239885发表于 Dec 12, 2009

I was amazed by the DRAMATIC decline in my cholesterol over a 6 week period - 310 to 249. Moreover the decline was largely in the LDL component Thanks to my primary care physician who is open to non RX approaches.


It Works!

Reviewer2307474发表于 Feb 09, 2010

This is a low level statin (much lower than the prescription drugs) which works. My wife had high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. After taking this supplement for 3 months she had her blood retested. The following are the results: Before - Chol = 270, Trig = 329, HDL = 54, LDL = 150 After - Chol = 159, Trig = 158, HDL = 46, LDL = 82 With her high levels, this pill and some diet changes is almost a requirement for life.


21st Century Red Yeast Rice Extract

Reviewer1910315发表于 Mar 27, 2009

My doctor recommended the use of Red Yeast Rice to lower my Cholesterol. 21st Century was the first brand that I used. The next time I had my cholesterol checked, my level was in the healthy range. I've tried other brands, but every time I do, I have unstisfactory results. I am sticking to 21st Century.


I love this product

Reviewer3103060发表于 Apr 23, 2009

Not only does it not contain animal products but it really works.


It's Going Down!

Reviewer1583794发表于 Apr 25, 2009

Red Yeast Rice helped me lower my cholestrol significantly. 21 century brand is the lowest price on iherb.com.


21st Century Health Care, Red Yeast Rice Extract

Reviewer2306876发表于 Jul 13, 2009

Great product. It will lower cholesterol and seems to be of good quality.


Good supplement, good price, good service

Reviewer1959651发表于 Sep 08, 2010

A few years ago our physician recommended red yeast rice supplements to lower my wife's cholesterol. We found it to be a very expensive product at our local stores and there were many brands. The nutrition center assistant suggested 21st Century, because the dosage needed required only 2 pills a day while with other brands it was 4 to 6. The supplement worked as the doctor had hoped and her levels were in the desired zone on the next 3 month checkup. A Google search took us to many suppliers, prices and brands. We tried others suppliers and was satisfied with the cost but not the shipping. It was slow. We tried iHerb. Their price was better than most, the product quantity qualified for free shipping and was in our mailbox 3 days after ordering. We have ordered from iHerb a few times now. The quick service we have gotten is nice.


A strong product

Reviewer1484591发表于 Sep 09, 2010

I read other reviews on this red yeast rice and it seems to be a great product. It must be very potent because I can't take it - I get the same side effects from this one that I get from prescription statins. Maybe I'll try half doses.


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