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So so book!

Reviewer2484588发表于 Dec 11, 2009

If it was not for the fact that all I had to pay for was shipping I would not have purchased this book! It is very basic and you can find the information on Herbs & Nuritional Supplements in other diabetic books. I was expecting it to tell me something new about taking supplements when you are diabetic, which my husband is type 2. However, It did not!


Diabetes Help

Reviewer1193547发表于 Dec 12, 2009

Despite the fact that with first cursory look-over I figured there was no solution to my "Pre-Diabetic" condition in this book... When I picked it up again and gave it the time I deserved, I did find some good, helpful and practical information: some alternative means to bring down my glucose numbers. Yea! Recommended for all you out there who are averse to making the med. profession richer. PEACE.


Don't waste money buying this product!

Supplementsdiy发表于 Nov 17, 2013

The information in the book is very basic. You can find much more about supplement facts and latest news online. The author takes a very narrow mindset on the supplements. In short, they treat supplements like drugs and expect supplements to kill. Considering the author is not even a ND but MD, I will strongly recommend to keep away. Check out my page for more reviews!


Get this book!

Reviewer2152946发表于 Mar 01, 2010

If you have Type 2 diabetes you still have time to get back to normal. Read this book and get these herbs and vitamins.


ADA herbs for Diabetics

Reviewer1306818发表于 Sep 15, 2010

I was surprised that the ADA would give it's approval to a book about herbs and supplements. While the book does try to guide you to 'real' medications it does provide a lengthy list of herbs and supplements that may help a diabetic. There is a good presentation on each herb and supplement to help you decide on whether to try it for you.



Reviewer2342779发表于 Jul 23, 2010

I liked the easy way of navigating through the book to find out about supplements and how they will or will not help. I was told that I was border line Diabetic and with supplements I was able to bring that under control.


Good book

GallaChiro发表于 Mar 10, 2010

Good information for everybody not just diabetics.


American Diabetes Association Guide to Herbs and Nutritional Supplements for Diabetes.

Reviewer2140932发表于 May 16, 2010

I am a Diabetic and I found this book gave me personnaly a greater understanding. Hopefully someday I will not have to take oral medicine for diabtis.


Detailed review of supplements

Vancouver发表于 May 30, 2010

Superb book, I wish there were such books for other conditions as well. The author(s) has(have) done a lot of work preparing this publication. All reviews follow the same format. They are concise, but contain enough important details to make an educated decision about most supplements.


Well Organized

Tracey发表于 Dec 02, 2011

Very useful! I buy a lot of health book and found this very well organized and good information even an old alternative medicine pro and ten year diabetic didn't know!


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