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Reviewer1270081发表于 Jul 11, 2012

Im sold, I loved Navitas but I love these more. They are even more fragrant and its s bigger pack. My main issue with nibs is that Im always running out of them, so I'll go with this one from now on. I get cranky when I cant have them, they are a must in my cereal, and give me a little kick similar to coffee.


Best Cacao Brand

5652245761243886250发表于 May 13, 2013

The first time I bought Cacao nibs was from Navitas'. It was so bitter and dry I thought I could not handle Cacao at all. Then I bought Frontier's nibs. Now I know that when I ate Navitas the nibs were just plain rancid. This has happened to me twice, as well with their Chia Seeds. Because it was the first time I had tried these products, unfortunately I ate them.(It was torture) Thank God I did not get sick. Frontier's Nibs are so good I eat them straight from the bag. They are buttery and FRESH. Just because Navitas has fancy packaging does not mean they are safe.


Great mood booster

earthwalker发表于 Jun 27, 2012

Organic, raw cacao nibs are a great addition to trail mixes, raw ice cream, smoothies, and other fun foodie treats. Raw cacao is loaded with neurotransmitters and natural feel-good chemicals like phenylethylamine (PEA) (an adrenal-related chemical found in raw cacao that can also be created in the brain when we are in love), serotonin, tyramine, tryptophan, anandamide (known as the “bliss” neurotransmitter), and oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone.” Cacao is also high in antioxidants, rich in minerals, and a natural source of magnesium, chromium, iron, calcium, potassium, sulphur, copper and zinc. When I add raw cacao to my morning smoothie, it boosts my mood and energy for 5-6 hours or longer, without fail.


These are Yummy!

ShelleyP发表于 Apr 24, 2011

I'm new to using cacao nibs but I think I'm hooked. Even though these are unsweetened, they are still very tasty, nice crunch and seem very fresh. Also, this brand is less expensive than some others. I'm off to make some raw cacao balls with these and almond butter, coconut and other goodies. A word of warning - these cacao nibs are very strong and can be quite stimulating. They need to be eaten in moderation, and if you're like me, definitely not near bedtime.



Reviewer1691750发表于 Oct 21, 2011

for a snack with cinnamon!


New to this

4702465094420479831发表于 Jan 30, 2015

Im new to the sugar free movement, I bought these to help with the chocolate cravings. They taste like a coffee bean with a after hint of almost bitter taste. These are not like chocolate in any way shape or form, but after 6 weeks no sugar they do start to improve. Less is more don't try to eat a handfull but great in baking when used sparingly. I will buy again, if i dont fall into sugars warm embrace.


Not a fan

odereviews发表于 Nov 11, 2012

This is the first time I have tried the famous cacao nibs. I don’t get it. These are really bitter, taste like alcohol and iron. Might go down within very low amounts mixed in with something tasty and refreshing. Someone told me that all this healthy eating stuff, isn’t about taste. I have to disagree on that one. :)



Reviewer3206353发表于 Jun 30, 2012

These are way too bitter for me, but boyfriend is in love with them, so they are a staple at our house.



Reviewer2841015发表于 Feb 17, 2012

These nibs I have bought...they have a beautiful fresh crunchiness and lovely flavour. Cant beat the price either



drkousoulove发表于 Jul 16, 2012

A bit bitter as I expected but an excellent crunchy and healthy addition to smoothies, oatmeal and breakfast!


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