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Brilliant product

5744178301291060248发表于 Feb 14, 2014

My natropath recommended this product to me. We now make our own jelly which my children love, use it in soups as thickener. It is a fantastic product and lasts a long time.


Loving this product!

5638807103266114203发表于 Jun 24, 2014

I've only just started using gelatin but I'm loving it! So easy to use and dissolves really well, the health benefits are great too. Great price on here & super quick shipping.


Economical and easy to use

Reviewer1027414发表于 Jan 04, 2015

I add this to soups and stews for an extra health punch. I also find it vety helpful in a drink before bedtime, to help me sleep.


Good stuff!

5200975038516782617发表于 Dec 09, 2014

Really, really liking this gelatin. I stir it into a bit of cold or room temp water and it dissolves fast and smoothly, then I add whatever else I want (e.g. if drinking it I may just add some more warm, hot or cold water or perhaps add chia seeds or psyllium husks). I also use it to make healthy gummies and jellies using the gelatin, water and fruits mixed in the food processor (or juiced). Makes great jellies. Blends into stocks, soups, etc fabulously too. Will be buying this again.


Definite knee improvement

4682344360536289545发表于 Apr 22, 2016

By using the porcine gelatin religiously twice a day, I have felt a significant improvement in my knees. Of course, it has taken about a year to get these results. It is a bit difficult to dissolve. The only way it has worked for me is by dissolving the powder in some warm water and stirring for 30-45 seconds. Then adding your hot liquid (ie coffee or tea). It did not dissolve in cold. It's the same process as if you were making Jello.


Perfect for healthy jelly and gut health

5385919442672645400发表于 Jun 04, 2016

We are on a strict gut healing diet called GAPS but having this to make lovely jelly treats for the children (and speed the healing process in the meantime) is great! It doesn't taste of anything but forms a great set.


Great Lakes Gelatin

4763621120012998292发表于 Aug 27, 2015

I am quite happy with the prompt service and competitive pricing. I have been using this brand of product for years


fantastic product

4824694621930363584发表于 Aug 23, 2016

So glad I'm using this product. It's a fantastic boost for my hair & body


Gelatina de animales en libertad

4807094627009439672发表于 Mar 11, 2014

Me tranquiliza saber que la gelatina proviene de animales que pastan en libertad. Las veces que lo he usado no he llegado a notar claramente que espese los caldos.


It gels more than we like.

4726396615938033899发表于 Dec 20, 2015

When adding this gelatin to a small bowl of soup etc, it gels quite a bit more than expected. In bigger pots, or portions, its quite alright. I dont recommend to mix it with water as label says. Stick to pots of stews or soups which is the 'right environment' for this gelatin.


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