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5660421648003098144发表于 Mar 01, 2015

this work wonders for me. I applied this for a day on my chest's acnes and rashes, and my skin condition got better the next morning.



5604304523027612372发表于 Dec 13, 2014

this product truly works


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Neemaura Naturals Inc, Neem Leaf, 3X Concentration, Extract, 1 fl oz (30 ml)

4894741080988930779发表于 Oct 28, 2014

Have not used as yet


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4669677459772977067发表于 Sep 14, 2014

I cannot tell if it is doing very much, but I can't say anything bad about it. It isn't, or doesn't seem to be tough on my system at all. Taking it for chronic mycoplasma infection. I think it may take some time to see a difference, but difficult to tell with herbals and systemic illnesses.


Neem Leaf Extract 3X Concentration

5572616124679689209发表于 Jun 13, 2014

I love this product. I purchased it to use on my face. I use to have really bad acne and nothing else seem to help. I heard Neem was good for your skin and gave it a try. I dilute it with some purified water and put it on my face every night right after I wash my face. In the beginning I noticed my acne was not as inflamed. It took a couple of weeks but my face just kept getting better. Every now and then at night I may notice a small pimple starting but by the morning its gone. I started using this product about six to seven months ago and today my horrible acne is a thing of the past. Can't say enough good things about this product.


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Skin Healing - Simply Amanzing!

NatureLove发表于 Jan 16, 2014

To my surprise this is super-effective for skin inflammation. I did buy it for the internal cleansing properties and it seem to works very subtle. Yet, topically it works within two days (max.) - normally if I get skin detox signs of it takes three weeks until the inflamation goes down by itself and nothing ever worked really before. Anybody suffering from acne, detox skin breakouts should try this - use a tiny amount and apply directly on the spot, burn, ulcer whatever and see it vanish within a day or two! Wish I would have found this long time ago!


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SUPERIOR! One of the BEST on the Market...it WORKS!

5690826488863416516发表于 Jul 08, 2013

As we all know, there are tons and I mean countless products on the market all boasting to be the greatest and the BESTES comprehensively. How often have we been shanghaied? Too often! This product however, works like an all-natural hGH - (Human Growth Hormone)activates the Adrenals, Thymus, Pituitary...the entire Endocrine system. Initially bought one (1) bottle and quickly ordered five (5) more. Will make sure I NEVER ... NOT ever run out of this product! Ohhh, NO! NOT at all! Wish it came in a minimum 2 fl oz bottle. Hope this REVIEW helps you as this product has worked wonders for me. AMAZING!


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Pretty good

Donica发表于 Jul 04, 2013

The taste is still pretty strong and it is smelly, but it helped to keep colds at bay during the winter. Everyone else was sick around me, but I was all right. However, I have decided to take neem leaf pills (not by the same brand) and I prefer them because I avoid the alcohol and the unpleasant neem taste and smell. Doesn't mean that this doesn't work well because it does, I just prefer the pills. For those who prefer the liquid and don't like pills, this is a good option and decent concentration.


Taste over powering

SGODKS发表于 Jun 17, 2013

haven't really seen any change and have been taking it for more than 4 weeks. the taste is really powerful need to put it in juice rather than water. When using it on skin infections, not good for open wounds and should be mixed with coconut oil. It seems to be better on skin infections than taking orally.


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Mix with jojoba oil

nutranut发表于 Jun 02, 2013

Neem is a great product and has many uses. I mix it with jojoba oil and use it on dry skin.


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