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Reviewer3184176发表于 Aug 07, 2012

I don't like it at all. Bitter in coffee, to me.


Bad taste

martha发表于 Oct 17, 2012

I had great expectations for this product but unfortunately I couldn't stand the taste at all. Adding one sachet and my coffee neither was sweetened nor had a coffee taste, it was like I was drinking something else. I gave it to a couple of co workers to taste it as well and had the same experience. Won't order again. Πικρή γεύση. Στο γραφείο όσες συνάδελφοι το είδαν στην αρχή ενθουσιάστηκαν αλλά μόλις το δοκίμασαν, όλες το πέταξαν... Τελικώς εμμένω στη λύση της καστανής ζάχαρης για τον καφέ μου.


Watch out! Contains maltodextrin

Reviewer2357750发表于 Jan 09, 2013

After using this product for a long time. I wanted to reorder it as usual. However after reading one review I was alterted that this product contains Maltodextrin, Maltodextrine spikes the blood sugar level up! Wich is the reason I stop using this product!


Beware not the same formulation!

Reviewer1278476发表于 Dec 06, 2013

Don't waste your money called the company and they said they did change the product. I loved this sweetener now it's no more.


tastes bad...

5630502723566786242发表于 Jan 21, 2014

I have never tasted any stevia tastes this bad...


Not the same formulation

4656346915370708633发表于 Feb 03, 2014

I used to order these all the time and just needed 1 sachet for my coffee. But I ran out of my old stock and reordered and the new batch has a completely different taste. Now even if I add 2 packs to my coffee, it still does not sweeten. Plus it has a weird aftertaste. Its a shame as this used to be the best stevia around and I'm unsure why they changed the formulation on this. Very disappointed.


Bad quality

5764340770168396614发表于 Jun 26, 2014

It was okay when I got it. Some aftertaste, but nothing too terrible. But after storing about 2months, all the powder turned hard and molded into a piece of chewing gum lookalike thing. Not sure if it's the climate or just a bad product.


Didn't like the taste but my mom did

danazfavo发表于 Jul 26, 2014

I kept hearing from people that it tastes like sugar but it really had a strong artificial taste My mom tried it and liked it so she will be using it.


to me it is bitter

Reviewer3266581发表于 Mar 12, 2009

Plus there is an aftertaste. Not really enamored with this product at all. Maybe it is something one has to get use to. Almost metallic in its bitterness.


Do not buy this from iHerb.com

5001491356706418646发表于 Apr 05, 2016

If you are buying from India, stay away from iHerb as you may end up paying 53% of duty fee. Be careful witl iHerb rates in INR and the hidden customs charges + DHL hidden charges which are not shown anywhere in the website. My rating is not for the product, its for iHerb.com


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