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Powerful mood lifting herbs

Reviewer2786611发表于 Feb 08, 2013

This is, by far, the most potent adaptogen I have tried. 30 minutes after taking a capsule in the AM, I felt like I was a Bob Marley song. Birds were chirping, the sunlight was pleasant, music sounded wonderful - and I felt calm, centered,energized and peaceful. Stresses seemed minor and tacklable. Recommended for occasional rather than regular use.


Great for Chronic Fatigue

Reviewer2767188发表于 Mar 07, 2009

I used a variation of this when I first got Chronic Fatigue but couldn't find suitable replacements when the product got taken off the market!! This was the latest find and it works great for me. Its like a tonic and helps the body come right. I have more energy and can last longer during the day. Helps with the adrenals and from what I can determine, it helps 'normalise' the body. one of my essentials at the moment.


Excellent product

Reviewer2352646发表于 Nov 02, 2010

I have been taking this product for about 3 weeks for adrenal fatigue following a severe bronchitis, both diagnosed by my PCP. The exhaustion and pressure on my chest (which remained after the prescribed steroids) started to improve within a week, and three weeks into using the adaptogens, I feel a lot better, with the recovery process continuing. As a supportive intervention to get one's energy back after a severe illness and to complement regular medical tx, this product is great!


love this stuff!

Reviewer1874528发表于 Feb 15, 2010

I take this along with orac energy greens by paradise herbs both twice a day and it make a HUGE difference. I never get stressed, don't need caffeine and if I happen to only get a couple hours of sleep it doesn't affect my ability to function the next day...a godsend


All the energy you need, none of the jitters you don't.

Reviewer3277423发表于 Sep 05, 2006

Just take the right amount of this adaptogenic compound to remove your fatigue and feel a mild energy boost. It's a great product from a great company.



Reviewer2968032发表于 Feb 14, 2011

This is a very exceptional formula. My energy level is increased and I would recommend this product, highly!


Thank God!

Reviewer1118678发表于 Nov 18, 2011

This product really helps me and my daughter especially my daughter. My dauhgter has hormone imbalance and is overweight fatigued, memory problems, irratability, and innattention. this has been ongoing thru her life and breaks my heart to see her suffer. While this dosent really help the weight issue she has a clearer calmer mind when takeing it just one a day. When she first took it she was on birth control and it gave her head aches so now so far she is off the birth control and its helping with no headaches so far. I will definately order again. Thanks iherb.


A comprehensive adaptogen

Reviewer2845839发表于 Sep 27, 2010

I like this product because there are so many adaptogens in one capsule. I have taken this for more than seven months - 2 per day, first thing in the morning. Appears to be working because I have not been ill or too stressed in all that time despite a very punishing work schedule.


Love this product!

Reviewer1330833发表于 Oct 15, 2007

Highly effective product. When experiencing symptoms that are troublesome, and I don't know why, the Imperial Adaptogen always helps me to feel better.



Reviewer3260527发表于 Jan 25, 2011

I can't get through my stressful day without these. Well, I probably could if I drank tons of coffee or energy drinks loaded with sugar but that's not too healthy.


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