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Source Naturals Boswellia

Reviewer2719128发表于 Mar 26, 2009

I use this wonderful product in conjunction with turmeric. The two together have a synergistic effect and actually work on nerve pain which is notoriously difficult to control. I discovered this combination after spinal surgery on the cervical area, and the Vioxx which was prescribed but did not help. After trying several different brands of Boswellia, I found this Source Naturals brand to work best for me. I have suggested this combination of herbs to several people for nerve and arthritis pain and they all have gotten some relief using them.



Reviewer1934906发表于 Aug 31, 2010

Never tried Boswellia until 2 months ago. Amazing pain and inflamation relief in my back starting the very first night and continuing! It gives the same relief as 800mg of ibuprofen without any noticible side effects over this entire two months! I am amazed and so pleased. I expect that this will also help control inflammation throughout the body eg, the arteries. So this is just one more natural method to not only aid with my back but to also help prevent coronary artery disease (inflammation in arterial walls causes plaques, not cholesterol!).


Crosses the blood brain barrier

Reviewer2276954发表于 Sep 11, 2007

I have been dignosed as having anti-basal ganglia antibodies present, and my condition, which comes under the general heading of auto immune mediated basal ganglia dysfunction, has been treated with steroids and an immune suppressant (azathioprine) Source Natural boswellia has been as effective as high dose steroids in supressing inflammatory processes and incredibly beneficial to me. I am on eight tables a day


great for inflammation

Reviewer1540214发表于 Jun 08, 2008

this supplement is fantastic! With the first dose I noticed a huge improvement in lessening of pain in my hands and the small of my back. After the first week I can wear my rings again. (My fingers were too swollen before)My range of motion has improved too. I love this product!



Reviewer2213793发表于 Oct 26, 2007

I have suffered with colitis for a number of years. I do not like to take prescription medications because of side effects. However, when I take one with each meal, the inflammation does not flair up. This is a must have for me, and I am sold on it. Source Naturals has a very good reputation and a very good product.


I'll give it the benefit of the doubt

Reviewer2674066发表于 Aug 15, 2010

I've been healing my hips...arthritis...with chondroitin sulfate, methionine, b12, flax oil, coral calcium, grape seed extract, and vitamin c to repair bone and cartliage. I added tumeric and bromelain for anti-inflammation. What I have been doing is working very well, and I really don't see a big difference since adding Boswellia. Source Naturals is a very good brand, and I'd suggest people try it. It helps Chron's disease, which will also be helped by grape seed extract and vitamin c to make connective tissue to heal the lesions, and marshmallow extract to coat them. Grape seed extract is also naturally anti-inflammatory in that it causes mast cells to secrete less histamine.


Good anti-inflammatory

Reviewer2466099发表于 Aug 25, 2011

I use boswellia regularly for inflammation and this is a good source. Specifically I was diagnosed with colitis months ago and refused to take steroids because of the side effects. The boswellia has helped to reduce inflammation. Of course, there are other things that I do as well (such as work I've done on an emotional level). But I have no symptoms now whatsoever. I'm a holistic nutritionist and feel that this is a very good product.


Source Naturals, Boswellia Extract, 100 Tablets

Reviewer2329814发表于 Nov 09, 2008

I take this for joint pain and find that it works just as well or better than Celebrex.


Excellent product

Reviewer2534512发表于 Sep 12, 2008

An excellent choice for reducing inflammation. Good for asthma and arthritis.


Works Well

Reviewer1759549发表于 Aug 24, 2011

My wife uses this for chrohnes disease, stops it dead in it's tracks when combined with high doses of garlic oil. I use it to help with my back pain and it does a good job, I take between two and four tablets daily.


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