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very effective, incredible value

Reviewer1859641发表于 1月 16, 2012

By far the best value for I've found for this, with nearly twice as much gymnemic acid per penny as the next best deal (also from Source Naturals). Living up to the "Ultra Potency" name (which curiously isn't included in the catalog heading at iHerb), it not only has the most gymnema extract per tablet, but the extract is high-concentration, with 75% gymnemic acid. I can vouch that gymnema dramatically helps in managing blood sugar. I know this because I'd been trying to go without it temporarily, and am feeling the difference. As of the time I am posting, this has been out-of-stock at iHerb for at least a month-and-a-half. I tend to be frugal, and wanted to see if I could wait it out. I can't wait anymore. The product I'm ordering instead costs two-and-a-half times more per mg of gymnemic acid, which is disappointing. iHerb is usually very good with replenishing its stock, so I hope that this hasn't been discontinued.


Helps blood sugar stability

Reviewer2030676发表于 2月 08, 2012

This product is an integral part of my diabetes management program. I take this, chromium & alpha lipoic acid. I have blood sugar in truly normal range, 70-90 almost all the time. I have noticed my body is able to handle a healthy amount of natural carbohydrates thanks to gymnema, even if I skip a few days.


I don't want any more sweets

Reviewer1395979发表于 3月 23, 2011

This works great. Appetite decreases and cravings for sweets dissappear. Forgot to take for 2 days and notice thoughts of food starting to take "hold" as before. All in all, it helps you to eat sensibly - not taking all your appetite away so that you end uop eating a lot later, but giving you control over cravings and desire for junk food


Helps pancreatic beta cells

Reviewer2017626发表于 6月 13, 2010

Source Naturals Gymnema Sylvestra works the best out of the gymnema sylvestra supplements I have tried. After nine months of taking this formula, along with banaba, cinnamon, a multi-vitamin and fish/flax oils, moving around more, and eating a low-fat diet of fish, egg whites, and non-starchy vegetables my blood sugar is normal (previously my average blood sugar was 345). I also take Jarrow Adrenal Optimizer.



Kyriaki发表于 1月 08, 2013

gymnema seems to level sugar without going over the top and making you hungry like some insulin products can. it really does curb carbohydrate/sugar cravings. i also put my mum on it because she was hungry and grumpy every 2 hours. highly recommended


Good, but could be improved further.

Reviewer2920365发表于 11月 16, 2013

This high-potency formula is very good. It helps ease the strain on one of our bodies most stressed organs, the pancreas. With our sugar-loaded diets these days, this formulation is very much needed. The pancreas gets a lot of damage when we over-eat on sugar, pumping out insulin like crazy. Gymnema helps ease the stress on the pancreas, and also reduces cravings for crazy amounts of candy and chocolate. Perhaps could be improved with a couple of other additions like Chromium, cinnamon and ginger (all help metabolize sugar) but still a worthwhile purchase.


Life saver for cheat meals.

mozzer发表于 9月 02, 2012

Take these along with some banaba with your next cheat meal or any meal that you need some damage control for. Greatly reduces, for me, the dizzy, sleepy feeling that comes after eating too much breads, pasta, potatoes.


Has kept me healthy for years

Reviewer2477676发表于 11月 03, 2014

This is a great inexpensive Gymnema. Its 550mg and it works. This may be a Californian company but its not about blondes and Californication. I love this product and until another product equally cheap and pure.



Reviewer1643948发表于 8月 25, 2010

I have taken your product off and on for 12 months. I tried a different one and it didn't work as well as Source Naturals. I'm back on this brand now and I intend to stay on it. I take one twice a day and it has helped to lower my A1C. My doctor is amazed at how well it is lowering my A1C. I recommend it to everyone I know who has diabetes. It is a remarkable product. I wish all Drs. would recommend Gymnema Sylvestre for their diabetic patients.


Excelent product

Reviewer1324878发表于 4月 09, 2009

Great for lowering blood sugar type I diabetic as well as type II


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