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The best product on the market-

Reviewer2771233发表于 Aug 15, 2008

I've suffered with sinus headaches and infections and a nasal drip at night for over 20 years, since I've found this product several years ago I haven't had one headache. I can't tell you how much time and money I've wasted on ENT Doctors that say just take prescription medication everyday. It never worked for me and it's a fortune. I just put 3 under my tough each night before going to bed and if I feel any pressure during the day, I'll take a couple more. Please don't ever stop selling this product. It's also helped about 10 of my family members to be sinus headache free. Can't live without these!!!!


Great Product

Reviewer1388801发表于 Jun 11, 2008

To all the sinus vitims of the world, listen-up. If you are experiencing sinus pressure or related headaches or congestions, than look no farther. This stuff works. I say this after trying many alternatives.


Natural or No way

Reviewer3292570发表于 May 04, 2009

I have a 4 year old little buy who is on the autistic spectrum. Doctors find it to easy to prescribe any medications and not truely understand the intolerences that it may have on our children. For example my son was on Flonaze (not sure exactly how it is spelled ). My sons intolerence was that it effected his speach to the point he couldn't talk at all. It was so scary - But then after 3 to 4 days after it wore off -he got better. When my son was on singular- he would get super crazy hyperactive , then I realized " What a second pull him off that allergy medicine and no craziness ". I have been through trials of trying to find out what works best for my son. I am tired of treating him like a test monkey or something. My mom recommended this. And it takes away all of his allergy symptons. The runny nose , no breathing out of his mouth at bedtime. I can tell this Natural sinus relief was actually working for my son. And I love the fact he has no bad reaction to it unlike the other things we have tried.


homeopathic sinus relief

Reviewer1504176发表于 Apr 29, 2010

I have used this product in my practice for several years, and get very good feedback from my patients. I also use it for my own personal use.


Annie M. Hall

Reviewer2528820发表于 Dec 09, 2008

I discovered this product about two years ago when I began having sinus infections. I didn't want to be dependenbt on prescription drugs so I began my search. And bingo! I found this and I have never looked back!


Surprisingly Excellent

Reviewer1455139发表于 May 01, 2009

I am very pleased with the product and will order in bulk next time. I would get horrible sinus infections and have to take antibiotics on a regular basis. It got to the point where I became immune to Cipro, which is a very strong antibiotic. These sinus relief tabs has allowed my sinuses to drain before an infection comes on.


Perfect and quick

4686222779309773967发表于 Jul 16, 2014

Perfect immediate help, prevents from headache and comorbid sinus problems, provides protection for mucous membrade in bad environment. Required prompt results, fully recommend.


Most effective without unwanted side effects

Allinstar发表于 Feb 11, 2015

I have taken prescripted medicals due to sinus congestion related to tooth fillings many years. All of them caused side effects as bad sleep etc. After replacing the mercury fillings my sinus problems have decreased, but now and then I got swollen sinus channels. I successfully tried "Redd Remedies Sinus Adults" and became very sad when the product for som reason was discontinued... After a close investigation among iHerbs eminent products I found "A.Vogel Sinus relief" homeopatic product. I got the first delivery a few days ago. THIS IS GOOD STUFF - works naturally and is very effective without any sideeffects. THIS IS A PRODUCT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to keep as FIRST AID. I hust love it!


Excellent for Sinus relief

Reviewer3230969发表于 Apr 25, 2016

These pills are a life-saver for me.


Great Sinus relief! No drowsiness!!

5434687605821227431发表于 Apr 04, 2014

With dry air and blowing dust sinuses suffer! This product soothed our sinuses and we are able to enjoy our days without being plagued with horrible sinus pressure and pain!!


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