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Reviewer2061132发表于 Nov 08, 2010

I got this for my dad who's been complaining that he feels tired a lot of the time despite eating well and exercising regularly. He doesn't mind the taste. And it gives him a slight energy boost, so he doesn't feel tired till the evening. But he wants to continue buying it because he says he's been sleeping really well at night since he started drinking this. I've tried it, and it's definitely very grassy, covered up with cocoa, and a bit gritty, but it's not as bad regular green superfood drinks which I can't usually drink without gagging a little - the chocolate helps and it tastes okay overall. Whenever I've had it in the morning, I've stayed full after breakfast for longer, skipped my morning coffee and haven't hit my afternoon slump in energy, so there must be something to this!


Energy for teens

Reviewer1774583发表于 Nov 17, 2010

My vegetarian 16yr old was skeptical, but after 2weeks and exams, he is completely sold wth increased energy and concentration


Amazing Grass is actually amazing

Reviewer3054971发表于 Aug 15, 2012

I am a 24 year old woman struggling with low energy, purchased this after alot of research and I am really, really happy. My energy levels have been boosted, my skin is alot clearer and I sleep better. I have also noticed food cravings have reduced and its easier for me to stay off the junk food. And this is just after 4 days of use. I have it with milk in the morning along with a piece of fruit. Strongly recommended to anybody. I like it so much I'm making my partner get his own tub too. Update: I get frequent nausea now. (Been a good 6 months or so since I started.) I cut my dosage down to 4g about a month ago and don't take it most days now. I'm probably going to discontinue it. I still get an energy boost when I take it but I think I'm too sensitive to something in it.


Pretty good

Reviewer1651063发表于 Nov 03, 2011

This was my first time trying something like this. Best to add it to smoothies but I shake it up with non-dairy milk too. It's a bit grainy but I like the taste.


Tasty and good for you!

Reviewer2318532发表于 Jan 09, 2012

I liked the regular greens superfood and this chocolate one is even tastier. I add it to my almond milk...yummy


Taste good.

Reviewer2760234发表于 Nov 10, 2010

Taste good. I can drink other normal taste Green Formulas, but this Chocolate flavored Green Formulas must be good for the people who doesn't like the taste of Green Formulas. I tried a bottle of Vibrant Health Green Vibrance, it contains more Vitamins than Amazing Grass. May be I should take twice a day.


Good way to get greens

Reviewer3149353发表于 Mar 23, 2009

Tastes great. We mix it with the Designer Whey protein.



Reviewer2214914发表于 May 09, 2009

Tastes good. Very good value.


Just plain yummy

Reviewer1511504发表于 Nov 10, 2009

Great taste! Makes an excellent recovery drink mixed with protein powder. I also add it into my every morning green smoothies.


Much more energy!

Reviewer2680726发表于 Jun 28, 2010

I really feel like I've got increased energy since beginning to use this 3 weeks ago. I usually mix with a bit of water and then low fat milk and it's nice - if a bit gritty - that's the greens i suppose! Highly recommend trying it if you need a boost. Note that this is the first superfood powder i've tried.


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