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Very good product

Reviewer1926237发表于 9月 06, 2011

High quality and excellent price has multiple uses helped to heal benign tumour on our dog's back and also add to his food to kill parasites daughter used it to help get rid of candida- worked a charm!!


It's Excelent

Reviewer3227695发表于 11月 13, 2010

I really enjoyed this product because, besides it tastes exotic and delicious diluted in a cup of hot green tea with some drops of lemon juice (and with no sugar), it is also medicinal for our immune system and is cleverly packaged in a black high quality plastic bottle with a great pour spout.


5 Stars

Reviewer1608590发表于 5月 25, 2009

Black seed oil is excellent for bronchial conditions. We have gotten rid of bronchitis symptoms completely within 2 days. We use 3 tsp a day for this.


Black Seed Oil is very effective

Reviewer2482493发表于 2月 16, 2011

This oil is like a combination of essential oil in that it's intense and cooking oil in that it's completely safe for the body. This gives it a great healing strength. It's really fantastic on the skin.


I love this oil

Reviewer1722464发表于 2月 11, 2013

I recently added this oil to our supplement regime. This oil is extensively researched and it has amazing health properties. It has really helped my autistic son. With this he is happier and displays less anxiety. We all are seeing more improvements in our sleep and mood. We take 2 teaspoon 2x. We feel calmer, happier, more energy, it has made a difference in my bronchitis as well as asthma symptoms. We massage with this oil and it helps significantly with pain. The pain in my fingers and joints are going away. Most importantly, we can feel the difference it makes. The Amazing Herb oil is very good quality. I recently bought the Brand Sweet Sunnah which is organic and cold press. It seems a bit fresher but I still believe Amazing Herb Black Seed Oil still deserves 5 star.


It works !

Reviewer2960855发表于 6月 21, 2009

It is a cure for everything, except death (because we don't live forever). This black seed oil can be taken daily, only one small tea spoon per day. To change its use, it can also be taken with red vinegar, or honey ! My mothers leg hurt a lot one night, she applied black seed oil, and in the morning after, the pain was gone. A spider bit the back of my neck, i applied black seed oil, and there wasn't even a red mark, or anything. My daughter had a pretty bad cold, i gave her one third of a small tea spoon, and she was much better on the next day, as her nose was hardly even running, and she felt much better !


Like it

Reviewer1846130发表于 5月 11, 2012

Fresh smell and fresh spicy taste, I bought it for my daughter's asthma treatment, I has been told that it helps, not completely, but at least should be some improvement. Black cumin seed oil contains dithymoquinone, which protects from histamine-induced bronchial spasms (explaining its use to relieve the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, and coughing). It also contains melantine. Melanthin is toxic in large doses, take only one-two teaspoons of the oil every day to relief conditions.


1 tsp daily - just do it!

5597298140387447967发表于 9月 17, 2014

This black seed oil was sought out for the purpose of balancing hormones (post hysterectomy). I had given up, just tried this as a last ditch effort. Amazingly, this product has done just that, balanced my hormones. Prior to this I had been to 4 doctors, tried numerous prescriptions -- all had disastrous side effects for me...chest pain, etc. This black seed oil which I have taken for two months has boosted libido, restored a feeling of vitality, and brought a feeling of "life" to places that had no such feeling. All I can say is try it. Once you start realizing the benefits, you will love the taste! :)


The BEST black cumin oil I´ve ever had!!!

Reviewer1439555发表于 1月 16, 2013

I tested a lot black seed oils in germany before with no noticeable effect. i felt no difference. But after taking this one or two days, my bronchial disorders went away! The effect is huge and fast. Also very gentle on stomach and good for skin and hair! Won´t live without!!! Highly recommend this to everyone with bronchial problems!!!


Melanoma on dog

Reviewer2342158发表于 11月 28, 2012

I was shocked at how quickly the skin lesions (looked like melanoma) on my dog cleared up after i rubbed this oil on him 3 times a day for only 1 week. The black spots literally just fell off!!


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