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Fantastic product!

Reviewer3100938发表于 Jun 29, 2010

Uses mineral ascorbates, a requirement for high dose C supplementation, is in capsule form (more absorbable), and has 1 gram per pill to reduce the number of pills one has to consume. Clearly superior! I take 2 g. C / day so this is clearly the best choice for me! Next time I am going to buy the larger bottle. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is not the active form, whereas mineral ascorbates are the active form. The nonactive form (ascorbic acid) is an acid and the body has to rob calcium from the diet or bones to make a mineral ascorbate before it can be used (which means bone loss). A mineral ascorbate form of C, like Ester C, is the only sensible way to take this vitamin.


Great vitamin

Reviewer2351230发表于 Nov 20, 2008

It's great to have capsules -- better for absorption -- and in 1000 mg size, so only one/day required. The bioflavonoids are important.


Ester C

Reviewer2469111发表于 Jul 10, 2008

I have one after every meal and it never upsets my stomach like regular C.


Great product

Reviewer2457307发表于 Sep 14, 2008

I like this product, It is not over acidic and works well for my sensitive digestive system.


Great Vitamin C

Reviewer1009474发表于 Oct 10, 2011

This is probably one of the best vitamin C's that I have had. I have in the past year found the viability of added vitamin C to my daily supplements. I have watched different shows like Food, Inc. and others which tout the great properties of vitamin C along with Spirulina, Chlorella, etc. I can say that since I have taken 3,000 mg of Vitamin C regularly that I have not been sick (not even a sniffle). I have been on vitamin C since April 2011. I found the Ester-C variety from doing research and wanted to get off of ascorbic acid type. This one is a lot gentler on the stomach and I have not had any slow down in my immune system. I am sold!


The size of the capsules.

Reviewer2339895发表于 Feb 28, 2011

I cannot swallow the capsules, they are too big.


Great product.

Reviewer1810838发表于 Oct 11, 2010

This is a great quality product. Love the C-1000 with bioflavoids. I never get sick.


Vitamin C is essential for fighting off routine colds and flu

Reviewer3296894发表于 Jul 21, 2010

I had a doctor put me on Vitamin C when I was facing a surgery. I knew it would work. But I really saw it's effect when my father was undergoing Chemo and Radiation which depresses the body's immune system. We all contracted colds and flu that winter and he never did. So when I had my heart surgery, I put myself on Vitamin C and have had no flu or cold problems, even taking care of my grandchildren. Ester C is wonderful because you don't get the burning you sometimes do with other Vitamin C products.



Reviewer1549019发表于 Aug 29, 2010

This really works. Had a bad cold and increased it to 3 per day (had been taking 2 per day) and it decreased the symptoms exponentially.


Vitamin C

Reviewer2186286发表于 Feb 02, 2008

Excellent form of vitamin C - easily absorbed and the 1000mg capsule is much more convenient than taking two 500 mg's.


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