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¡Repito! ¡Muy buena!

martaekos发表于 Mar 21, 2016

Muy buena hidratante para pieles secas o para invierno. Tiene una textura densa, algo mantecosa, pero que permite perfectamente el masaje, tarda algo en absorberse, pero menos tiempo que la mayoría de mantecas. Su punto fuerte: su perfume! Dulce, dulce, dulce! A fruto seco, almendra, galleta... Para comérsela!


don't eat this

smalldosesofvain发表于 Mar 16, 2016

i am not a fan of fragranced/scented products. i choose skincare based on my skin needs & ingredients. whatever claims the products made, i will have to look at the ingredients closely and carefully. with that being said, this body butter contains nice array of ingredients that provides benefit for skin (antioxidants/skin repairing) and for once, the scent doesn't bother me, at all. it actually smells nice & i like it, almost like something edible.



wanderlustandwayfare发表于 Jan 23, 2016

It's somewhere between body butter and lotion and I love it! It's the only thing that keeps my skin healthy here in the desert.


Smells like chocolate

4899076418584058964发表于 Dec 12, 2015

This smells so good!!! I love it, as it is the perfect combination: amazing smell and offers a very good hydration of dry skin.


great body butter

Reviewer2378298发表于 Dec 12, 2015

We all use this butter for the skin, my husband and my daughters. We are all satisfied how it makes the skin after applying. This is organic and natural product. Thanks i herb and andalou naturals



LovelyHoney发表于 Nov 25, 2015

I adore this body butter! There is nothing better for dry skin during winter period. Very moisturising, the skin drinks it up and becomes soft as heaven. And the scent...wow! At first it was a bit weird, but it grew on me so much that i couldn't stop sniffing the tube and myself. Trully amazing stuff!


Amazing! Nourishes the skin and smells yummy!

lilonagrey发表于 Oct 12, 2015

I have very dry skin with occasional eczema when the weather gets colder and drier. I'm constantly changing body lotions/butters because I can never find the right one. Light enough but still hydrating in the hot months, and super nourishing but not heavy or oily in the cold ones at the same time. It's always either or. Well not this time! Based on other positive reviews, I decided to try it, mostly for the smell - who doesn't want to smell like cookies? But I was pleasantly surprised. The smell is light and soft, not overpowering nor lingering and my demanding skin stays moisturised the whole day. It doesn't pull or itch or feel uncomfortable. Love it and will definitely repeat!


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Awesome! :)

5598399106105531991发表于 Oct 09, 2015

Really nourishing for dry skin, leaves it silky and plump. It is not thick so it is very easy to apply and the scent is fantastic: nutty-cocoa-and-something-I-can't-quite-pinpoint, but whatever it is, it makes it difficult to restrain myself from smelling my own skin all the time. :D Highly recommended.


The best !

livewithjoy发表于 Sep 02, 2015

This is my favourite Body Butter , a like everything on itt,the smell ,the consistence ,it does not feel heavy or grease after use,i recommend .


A warming sensation briefly when first applied TO THE FACE & moderately moisturising (tested on face only!)

5582762497253189188发表于 May 11, 2015

I purchased this cream for use on my face even though it is a body cream (however having said that, I don't see why a chemical-free and safe ingredient list in a body cream/lotion should/could not be used for the face). It is obviously not as moisturising as an oil based cream and is a little thicker than a lotion which is what I was after, but it seems to have a very slight warming/tingling feeling when first applied although this dissipates very quickly. I've heard glycerin can feel like this because it draws water from the skin(which doesn't seem productive)but like I said, not sure whether this is true. It's not as moisturising as I'd like, but not too bad either. I'd say just ok for relieving the very dry feeling after the face has been washed. Edited: BUT IS FANTASTIC WHEN I APPLIED TO THE BODY - as intended ;)...


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