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GREAT.......Buy It!!!

Reviewer2520292发表于 1月 19, 2010

This shampoo works great for my Chow Chow who has very sensitive skin.. It smells good and makes the coat soft and shiny...Plus I love that it repels fleas/ticks... I will continue to buy this stuff .....(((and iherb is always fantastic....best prices, very reliable)))


new favorite

Reviewer1807860发表于 1月 03, 2011

I bought this during a flea outbreak on my dogs, but will continue to use it on a regular basis. It worked well to kill fleas, and doesn't smell strong or contain poison. Seemed to calm the itching problem and heal hot spots. It smells wonderfully clean and fresh and leaves my dogs' hair soft. Love it! Just wish I could buy it by the gallon and save a few cents.


I loveeee this!

fluffaduff发表于 11月 06, 2010

This is by far the best neem based shampoo i've got for my shihtzu, it made his fur so soft and it smells so good. The only downside is the size and the price. Highly recommended! I would buy it in gallon size if they carried this.



5551799697482782232发表于 7月 14, 2012

I really like the smell. All natural, but it still lingers for a few days. I water it down, as it can be hard to rinse if use full-strength. Even watered down, it does a really good job.


Ark Naturals Shampoo

Reviewer2511428发表于 5月 15, 2008

We love this shampoo for our two Pomeranians. It smells good, does a great job, and I feel good using it on them because it has no chemicals. Seems to help keep the critters away too.


Didn't love it

imadoxaholic发表于 7月 22, 2010

It's way too thin for my liking - I don't want the shampoo running out of my hand before I can get it onto the hard-to-reach-places on my dog. Also, the scent is so mild I wondered how much Neem it actually has. Wouldn't buy it again.


Mrs. T.

Reviewer3006796发表于 2月 16, 2009

Our dog has problem skin, we also live in any area with many fleas and not only wood ticks, but deer ticks (very dangerous) our dog loves the outdoors, we feel safe using this product as it works! The only problem, it doesn't go far enough; I add 1Tablespoon of Shampoo to a quart of warm water to make it easier to apply. It doesn't have a lot of lather, but it cleans well and smells wonderful (our dog even likes the smell/he doesn't roll in the dirt to change it's fragrance) We are very happy with it, I have told several people about it and to get it from iHerb.com


Great product

Reviewer1019614发表于 12月 14, 2009

My beagle doesn't have that strong oil-coat odor anymore.


We actually use this for the kids...

Reviewer1097279发表于 6月 24, 2008

There was an outbreak of scabies at our children's school. After 4 treatmenst of Premethrin Cream (POISON), we were still fighting them. The Neem in this shampoo, helped heal our skin while protecting us all from the little nasty scabies. It smells better than any other Neem product we've found and also helps keep the chiggers and mosquitos from bighting in the summer. Neem has so many qualities that are wonderful, I highly recommend giving it a try.


no itching

Reviewer1546213发表于 12月 28, 2009

I forgot I bought this because my dog had an itch -- because she has quit itching. Must have worked.


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