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No longer made with Valencia peanuts.

Reviewer2033686发表于 2月 21, 2014

I used to only buy Arrowhead Mills organic peanut butter because it was made with Valencia peanuts, but they don't make it anymore. I emailed customer service to find out if they still use Valencia peanuts, I was told that at one time they did make Valencia peanut butter, but now it's a "blend". I am so disappointed. Conventionally grown peanuts contain aflatoxin and mold. There are only two types of peanuts that don't contain aflatoxin, jungle peanuts and valencia peanuts. Luckily, there is another company that makes organic valencia peanut butter. It's called Pacific Beach. You can order it online.


Yummy, organic, and so good for you!

Reviewer2790799发表于 10月 05, 2008

This is our favorite peanut butter ever! They use valencia peanuts, which are sweeter and less bitter than the ones usually used to make peanut butter. We love this stuff and are glad to be able to purchase it from iherb at such a good price.


the best peanut butter around

Reviewer3357484发表于 12月 22, 2008

valencia peanut butter is the most healthiest peanut butter you can get, as it is sun dried and doesn't get the mold (yuk) that other types get. Arrowhead Mills makes it organic too, and you can't get a peanut butter better than this.



Reviewer2218446发表于 11月 08, 2008

Not only is this great tasting and has no bad ingredients, but it's made with Valencia peanuts. There do not form mold that create aflatoxin. This toxin is responsible for many cases of liver cancer. The butter is creamy and easy to spread. Even my dogs love it.


Peanut Butter all the way!

healthy-tips-tricks发表于 9月 11, 2014

Good boost (healthy one) for your calorie intake.


No complaint

Reviewer3327222发表于 8月 04, 2012

This peanut is quite smooth and spreadable.


Best tasting peanut butter ever

Reviewer3050163发表于 3月 30, 2009

Arrowhead Mills Valencia pb, and especially organic is the best I've ever tasted. It was particularly creamy and hardly needed stirring.


Love love it

Reviewer2621481发表于 6月 24, 2009

Very good quality, sweet and just marvelous.



Reviewer2900591发表于 7月 09, 2009

This peanut butter is very tasty, creamy and easily spreadable. The taste is slightly different from other peanut butters because of the Valencia nuts.


good news, bad news...

Reviewer2776526发表于 1月 17, 2013

best peanut butter i ever had. with that said, iherb has gone up on the price of this product TWO DOLLARS since my order a couple months ago. this stuff is now fully two dollars more today, than it has been for the year that i've been buying it. iherb's pricing used to be fair but they are becoming more exorbitant by the day. i'm really starting to hate iherb and i think i'm going to quit doing business with them.


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