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    organic raw almond butter

    Reviewer3066063发表于 2月 24, 2013

    High quality, but the taste is a bit boring.


    From a Nut Butter Connoisseur

    Chocolate发表于 6月 30, 2012

    I consider myself to be a nut butter connoisseur. With the exception of my own home made nut butters which I make with Raw soaked and dehydrated nuts, this is the best I have tried. I think over all Artisana is on top of their nut butter game. Also nut butters, especially Raw, that are not peanut, do not come cheap. Almond butter is up there in price maybe only surpassed by Macadamia or Cashew. But this is the best price I have found for Almond Butter. Peace!



    Reviewer1333587发表于 10月 06, 2013

    Love almond butter and this one is good but grainy. Not as flavorful as other brands. Very thick and difficult to spread.


    Delicious, but not truly raw.

    5451993341694323636发表于 8月 03, 2014

    I have no real complaints. It's delicious, good texture/density, and isn't very oily at all. No separation as far as I can tell. The only thing is, it's not truly raw because California almonds are used (pasteurization required by law). I'm not a raw foodist but to those who are, it's a misleading detail. And on that note, being that it's not really raw, it's a little expensive. Tasty and satisfying but I'll try something new when the jar is through.


    Changed my mind

    Reviewer1540113发表于 3月 11, 2015

    I originally gave this almond butter two stars. I've bumped it up. I find the thickness to be fine. It's the flavor that gives me pause. I don't know why it has less almond flavor than the non-organic brand I've had in the past. Maybe it is an acquired flavor. It's so hard to rate. It doesn't even have a nice almond smell. Maybe that it due to it being raw. With the scandalous treatment of almonds in the here and now, I really feel a lot better about "organic". There IS something that makes me want to keep taking another bite ... It is no more expensive than non-organic, so my suggestion is to try it. It's edible, so you've got nothing to lose, even if you find it isn't your favorite in the final analysis.


    Like it

    Reviewer1653465发表于 2月 18, 2011

    Very good, sweet taste. I would have liked it better if it had a little salt in it, though. I use Himalaya salt to get the extra oomph. Can be used as dip, on bread,in cakes and cookies and in raw chocolate. Many possibilities. Recommended!


    almond bitter

    Reviewer2372964发表于 5月 12, 2011

    I love it - my way of eating almonds as I don't like them whole. I don't know if one could may it a touch smoother as kids still prefer peanut butter...


    Artisana, 100% Organic Raw Almond Butter

    Reviewer1888934发表于 5月 19, 2011

    I am truly enjoying this product on my english muffins and bagels. The only improvement I would suggest if possible is a stronger almond taste. But it is ok.



    5039793376063279139发表于 11月 05, 2014

    Taste is good, manufacturer seems trusted but jar cap was not sealed good enaugh so minor leaking occured


    Healthy, but weird

    5114476162126534595发表于 8月 06, 2013

    This almond butter is so good for you and I love that; but the consistency is a bit weird and "dry". I've started using it on my face instead. (As an exfoliator.)


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