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    great, just not my favorite

    Reviewer3119083发表于 Apr 20, 2013

    this is quite good, but i have found nutiva's coconut manna better tasting. this feels somewhat "dry" in comparison to my fav coconut butter. i like the fact that it is in a glass jar instead of plastic.


    Not as expected

    4870910595751893515发表于 Oct 06, 2012

    I'm not sure why, it was in a secure package but the jar was not sealed. Because of our own situation I decided to try it and the product was completely fine. Being the first time I'm using iHerb it makes me leary of using them again but the Butter was fine, taste as always. If you haven't used it before, it's great, kinda like a nutbutter but you can make all kinds of things with it or just eat it with a spoon.


    This is so yummy its dangerous !

    Reviewer2702091发表于 Jul 07, 2012

    It was a shok-it tastes like heaven. If you like Coconut-you will love, love this product! Its smooth and easy to use.



    ElisMar发表于 May 07, 2012

    Very tasty! Been using it with my meal replacement bars, and it's delicious!



    Reviewer3140611发表于 Feb 09, 2012

    I don't know what I was expecting when I bought this. I like nut butter that I can eat a spoonful of every once in a while and this is great in a recipe but not by itself.


    Just O.K.

    khessel发表于 Aug 09, 2012

    I bought this product to make "coconut ice cream". It was just O.K. To be fair, it could have been the recipe. I love coconut products, but I prefer to use coconut oil in my smoothies, and coconut milk.


    Lasts forever

    Chunkypeaches发表于 Feb 28, 2013

    Very thick and rich, but yet kind of dry. I use occasionally, and sparingly because it is not something I crave, so it has lasted over a year.


    Rancid/Mold and NOT properly packaged

    Reviewer2812867发表于 Oct 31, 2014

    I bought the product many times and it had mold in it every time I purchased, and oil was rancid and the coconut milk parts were spoiled. You cannot just loosely package raw product, without proper bottling and air tight seal, it's just not sanitary. Bad product!!


    I would like to have more of this product!

    Reviewer29875314发表于 Jun 30, 2012

    I liked this product a lot and if I could afford I would buy this coconut oil each time I need it. Well, as IHerb have such a big variety of products I am still trying other companies affordable from IHerb for coconut, will be interesting to choose the best, but actually I believe in Artisana products a lot, as I liked everything what I tried from them. So if you are still searching for good coconut oil, do not hesitate this one!


    cocunut butter

    Reviewer1161500发表于 Mar 15, 2011

    My favourite


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