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chocolate + coconut = Heaven

AngelaEvans发表于 9月 20, 2012

I am a huge fan of coconut and chocolate is my weakness. The manufacturer mixes both to create a pretty good product with Cacao Bliss. When I first received this jar, I was not too impressed. The appearance of the product was that of stale/old chocolate. It was crumbly when I tried to dip my spoon in it. I had anticipated a creamy substance. This product is not creamy out of the jar. Unless the entire jar has been left in the sun or in a hot spot, don't expect to dip your knife or spoon in and spread it around on a piece of toast. In terms of eating options, I do recommend heating the product. While I now enjoy eating it in its solid form out of the jar, heating some of the product creates a substance that can be spread easily on toast. I also like taking shavings of this product and sprinkling it on cupcakes. The coconut and chocolate flavor is a subtle addition to any sweet treat. I will note that the flavor took some getting used to. It probably took three to four samplings before I started to really want to eat spoonfuls of the product. I think with any new product that has a slightly different consistency and flavor there is an adjustment period. I'm glad I didn't give up on it and took some time to experiment with how it could be used. I will be incorporating this product into gift baskets for both my vegan and non-vegan friends and family. It is recommended that this product not be refrigerated. As a vegan product, there is no milk, eggs, honey or other animal-based substances that go into the formulation of this product. According to the product packaging, this product is "made in a facility that processes tree nuts and soy, but does not process peanuts, gluten, dairy, cholesterol or GMO's." This product is also sugar cane free. I give this product 4.5 stars. Cacao Bliss is made in the United States


Cacao bliss

Reviewer1353729发表于 2月 04, 2011

Though it was suppose to be creamy, but it's hard like cocunot oil in room temperature..A bit dissapointed, but it's great in a hot cup of cocao..


Delicious but...

Reviewer3178827发表于 4月 24, 2011

After trying this, I was inspired to make my own. If you have the time make your own. This product is delicious but I felt maybe the oils are not the best. For convenience this is great, but for my health I will make my own.


healthy but !!!

Reviewer1377965发表于 9月 14, 2011

good but don't worth the price cause very similar with raw coconut butter and it's actually half of the jar..So I'll stay with the regular one...Not chocolat enough for me.



Reviewer3027963发表于 9月 22, 2011

too fat and not enough sugar


Tastes good

RutLervik发表于 10月 18, 2011

but is very dry, and difficult to spread onto bread.


Good product

Reviewer1368652发表于 10月 28, 2011

Good butter, but not for everyday. Would be good for people in love with chocolate


my secret little treat

happydays发表于 1月 25, 2012

very nice...



Reviewer2574767发表于 1月 26, 2012

I love spreading this on toast....at first it is a little hard to use, but just warm it up a bit in some water and it becomes easier to spread.


very hard

Reviewer1907904发表于 3月 13, 2012

very dry and hard, but perfect for raw chocolate recipes... not good for spreading on anything as it is so hard at room temp.


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