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Love it!

Reviewer2132271发表于 Aug 04, 2008

Better than anything I have tried. I just wish it came in something other than the travel size. Love the smell, the feel, the results. It says to shake...too thick to shake. That's my only complaint and it isn't much of one. I love this company. It is the only one so far that actually doesn't put stuff like sodium lauryl sulfate in their products. Kiss My Face and other "natural" companies that use the word 'organic' do.


try this!

Reviewer2608917发表于 Dec 22, 2008

i wasn't sure if my skin was oily or combination oily, so i tried this kit. i love all the things in it expect for the moisturizer. i thought it smelled weird and it left a weird residue on my face - like little specs of something.


Great for controlling acne breakouts!

Reviewer1671312发表于 Jul 18, 2009

This natural facial kit controls my acne breakouts very well. It also does so without drying out my face or leaving it oily (important because I have very oily skin.) I will purchase again!


Aubrey organics (oily skin) Love it

Reviewer2254112发表于 Nov 09, 2009

I love the travel sets because it gives you the oppertunity to try the products before buying the full size bottles. I have adult acne, and sensitive skin and love this products because it is very natural and does not contain harsh chemicals, colors, or scents. The trick with the CLEANSER is to use very little and lather it up with water because it is very thick. I like how the eucalyptus makes your face tingle but does not dry out your skin. The ASTRINGENT also feels wonderful. I didn't like the OIL BALANCING MASK. I found it felt too oily on my skin, and it should be in a squeeze tube because I couldn't get it out, and the oil came to the top and didn't blend when I shook it. The OIL BALANCING MOISTURIZER is my favorite. Make sure your face is wet and use very little. It makes your face very soft and my skin looked better instantly. It gets rid of the extra oil without drying out your skin, and did not make be break out. It does not feel heavy or smelly like most products I've tried.


bien pour tester

Strawwy发表于 Jun 18, 2012

J'achete le kit surtout pour la crème de 30 ml car aimant changer c'est assez pour moi. Crème assez épaisse, odeur fraiche, mais difficile a appliquer, peluche pour laisser place à un effet peau mat et figé pas très agréable, on a pas le temps de masser. Au cour de la journée n'évite pas la brillance.. mais bons actifs.


Good value

australia发表于 Nov 24, 2012

A nice little travel set. Includes decent sizes so you can get a good feel for the products. Personally I like the cleanser, toner and mask. I think i'll pass on the moisturiser though.


Good for oily skin.

5619494590743265911发表于 Jan 04, 2013

Nice products.


Very nice

Reviewer2882983发表于 Aug 11, 2011

Great chance to try several products and see if they suit you. It lasts quite long too (over a month for me). Definitely buying full versions of everything included in the set.


Great product

LocutusOfBorg发表于 Sep 24, 2011

Great product



Reviewer1269487发表于 Jan 08, 2012

Over the years I have been using Biggs&Featherbelle's soap to maintain my oily skin. Only issue is it really dries my skin out though when used to often. The lotions and astringents that come in this pouch really help my skin maintain its moisture and also doesn't irritate my skin to the point acne shows up. I am so buying more! XD


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