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Works great!

5398105983221911941发表于 May 12, 2015

Works very well to wind down and get to sleep however my husband and I have both noticed that it gives you very elaborate dreams all night which doesn't really allow for a restful night! Also, important to note that it's 27% alcohol and tastes like whiskey


On the fence...

Reviewer1990660发表于 May 04, 2010

This is a tough review to write. I really wanted this stuff to work and was fairly confident that it would, but am afraid I was rather disappointed with the lack of results. Once in a while it seems to help but only for a minute or two as it's sitting under my tongue, but not long after the effect dissipates. I suspect this may be because the alcohol taste is sending my brain an, "Oh boy, oh boy! We're about to have a drink!" message. Before I got it together I used to self-medicate with alcohol to calm my panic and the first sip of wine would always calm me in the a similar fashion. The main difference is, with the Rescue Remedy, no additional alcohol follows that initial taste, and my brain goes right back into anxiety mode once it catches on that it's been duped. By no means does it ever make my anxiety worse, and I haven't had a panic attacks to try it out with (thank goodness!) so I'm keeping it around. I also remember reading another review that suggested with flower essences, small doses over time worked the best, so perhaps I've been using too much. I don't know... For now I'm giving it a three as it does calm me for a few minutes and it does make me feel better just having it in my purse, although I'm not really sure why as I seem to get no long term effect. I plan to keep experimenting with it. Based on all the other positive reviews and the low price, I definitely suggest giving it a go if you haven't already cause obviously several people have had wonderful success.


Hard to tell

Reviewer1314568发表于 Sep 24, 2010

I don't know if this is doing me any good. However, it gets high points for ease of use, meaning it is very easy to ingest.


Too soon to tell

Reviewer2756094发表于 May 13, 2011

I think it helps, but haven't used it enough to know for certain, or whether its wishful thinking on my part.


Nice flowery taste

limdaoyang发表于 Dec 18, 2012

Not too sure if it take away my stress though.


Works on mild stress situation

5761403051606641259发表于 Mar 21, 2014

Still not sure about this product, it's not that hard core if you have so many worrying thoughts in your mind and you want something to stop them and chill you out, then in my opinion this product might not be enough for you. I have used it few times so far, random days,if I'm really stressed or anxious I don't see any difference since I use this product.However, if I have a mild worry and i wanna sleep better, product might help.At the end of the day, It's all try and see...


bach rescue remedy

Reviewer2985988发表于 Apr 24, 2008

dont know if it works..work was pretty stressful..i will have to continue using to know for sure..couldnt hurt.


Brenda Jacob

Reviewer2069206发表于 Nov 13, 2008

Sometimes it works well and sometimes it does not work so well. I guess it depends on one's mood and the like.


Questionable benefits

Reviewer3329722发表于 Nov 05, 2009

May provide slight relief of anxiety.


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