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Bach Rescue Remedy

Reviewer2593009发表于 Oct 04, 2006

Bach Flower Rescue remedy truly saves my sanity on a regular basis. I didn't think it would work, but it is BY FAR the best stress reliever you can get without drinking or taking medications!! I am a special education teacher, so I need it for that job! I also am learning to barrel race on my horse who is quite fast, so I REALLY need it for that sport. My mom moved here this summer, so before I deal with her, I take some drops. I have been at the start of a full blown anxiety attack, with heart pounding and nausea. I take my Bach Flower Rescue Remedy and the panic attack is stopped in its tracks. Literally STOPS it. I have never had to take drugs for anxiety, and this little bottle has saved me many a time. I highly recommend this product for anyone who has stress in their lives.


Best Product at iHerb

Reviewer2849284发表于 Oct 07, 2009

I have a anxiety disorder and PTSD; I carry this in my purse and take it when I start to flip out over something. I use 3 dropper-fuls under the tongue and within 10 seconds I'm calm and not an insane person anymore! :-) This makes my husband very happy! It mellows me out better than any drug on the market, has no toxic effect, and can keep me calm for 2 hours. I'm going through menopause, and have fibromyalgia. I also think this would be good for PMS. This is such an amazing product, I'm buying more to give as gifts to my girlfriends.



Reviewer1346226发表于 Aug 11, 2008

This product is so great. I use it whenever I feel a little stressed and it works. No more Atavan and I use it for sleep also. Just 4 drops under the tounge at bedtime and I sleep all night. I don't need Ambien any more.


how to get through anything

Reviewer1967446发表于 Jan 20, 2008

This stuff has helped me get through all of my life crisis for the past 10 years.


Highly Recommend It!!!

Reviewer3010568发表于 Dec 14, 2007

This is a fantastic product, it definitely does exactly what it claims. It does, however, taste like the tincture was made with tequila, which is different and can be an offputting taste. But the product works fantastically, I will definitely be buying more when mine runs out. Nice and calming.


great product

Reviewer2819790发表于 Dec 14, 2007

No one should be without Rescue remedy. A must in every household; a must for life in this century.


Social Anxiety Calmed

Reviewer1770072发表于 Apr 24, 2008

I have agoraphobia and it really helps when I start to have a panic attack. So do my b vitamins and fish oil! If you have anxiety like me, please try this and the other supplements I suggested!


Flower remedy

Reviewer1256454发表于 Jan 23, 2007

It really works.


great for people and pets.

Reviewer1048198发表于 Feb 28, 2008

This stuff has helped several friends cope with the stress of an unexpected death in the family, so much so that they have asked me to get a bottle for them. I give it to my dogs before we travel and also before going to the vet or having surgery (spay). It really calms them down. Good before you go to the dentist, too.



Reviewer1373906发表于 Nov 09, 2007

great for managing stress, give it to my cats in their water.


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