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dissapointed with my sun burn

Reviewer2946754发表于 8月 18, 2010

I bought this for our bike trip to South Dakota. We were burnt the first day even having applied the lotion before sun exposure in the morning and reapplying at lunch. After the first day, my neck and shoulder were so burnt, I could hardly rub in the sunscreen on day 2. It was hard enough to apply without the burn. I don't think my nose has ever been so crispy and burnt in my life, even as a kid. My husband has really short hair, so he put it on his scalp to keep it from burning. It made his head look really white all week and only seemed to get whiter and glisten with more sun exposure, but he still burnt and was peeling by the time we got home 5 days later. I ended up going to walmart and buying neutrogena and using that for the trip home.


Did not work.

Reviewer2852612发表于 11月 12, 2012

I bought this before a trip to florida. I regret the purchase. This product is very greasy, hard to apply, hard to squeeze out of the container, and even though I applied it every 30 minutes or so, I still burned to a crisp. It did not work at all. It also stays white after you apply it, which would not bother me had it actually protected me from being burned.


I have not got it yet

5311239631979282557发表于 4月 23, 2014

I asked for the product 43 days ago. It hasn't arrived yet and I have no news about it. I checked my adress data again and they are ok. No news from post office, custom office, courier,...Nothing. It was my first order to check working of service. Regards Carlos Nicolás Murcia (Spain)


too oily!

5145146666277809193发表于 8月 02, 2016

i come from hk, this is too oily and thick for me, and difficult to spread evenly on my skin


Far too thick and greasy

5359310870064199440发表于 8月 03, 2016

I really wanted to like this natural sun cream but I can't stand the feel of it on my skin. It seems to sit on top of my skin and suffocate me. I am sensitive to how greasy and thick creams are so some may have no issue with it, but I won't be buying it again.


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