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BioKleen Aut Dish Powder

Reviewer2355993发表于 Apr 09, 2010

Works great even with hard well water. This company has the best natural cleaning products. I am a nutritionist and recommend to all my clients.


Best Dishwasher soap EVER!

Reviewer1834999发表于 Apr 17, 2011

I was thrilled when I opened my dishwasher after using this for the first time. My dishes were clean and not filmy! I have been searching for a phosphate and bleach free detergent that actually gave good results for years, and I am so happy to have finally found one.


5 stars to Bio Kleen again

olyamozh发表于 Jun 10, 2011

Just the best best best organic dishwashing powder Does the job perfectly


Works good

Reviewer1284478发表于 May 06, 2010

Does a good job cleaning dishes.


Love It!

Reviewer2287016发表于 Jul 15, 2010

I bought this so as not to contaminate our well water. And to my surprise it works better than the chemical stuff I used to use. No spots on my silverware!


Lovely clean dishes

Krisinsight发表于 Nov 25, 2011

This product is really working well in my KitchenAid dishwasher even my glassware is spotless.


Great Product

Reviewer1326533发表于 Nov 13, 2011

This is my second order of this product. It works really well. I have tried other natural products and it stained all my plates, this one is fantastic as is all the Bio Kleen products I have tried. You only need to use a little.


BioKleen dishpowder

Reviewer2633216发表于 Nov 22, 2011

Excellent automatic dishpowder. Cleans very effectively, is concentrated and natural, does everything it needs to do. Great product.


Works Great AFTER cleaning dishwasher

Reviewer1020790发表于 Feb 28, 2012

When I first used the dishwasher soap, it left a residue on the dishes but so did cascade. I used a cup of vinegar initially in the base of the dishwasher and ran it through the cycle. Next I ran lemishine through a cycle as vinegar didn't work. I cleaned out the sprayers as there was junk stuck in them and cleaned out the rubber thing at the bottom of the door. This was filled with black, smelly sludge. YUCK! Once I had cleaned out the dishwasher, the biokleen soap worked beautifully. I just use 1 tablespoon per load. The first time I ran it after it was clean I added a bit of the lemishine in the soap container just in case. Normally I just add the soap and that's it. The other thing I do is run the water until it is hot AND run the garbage disposal to clear out the line. Food was getting stuck on the dishes as well. Very happy with the soap. Love their dish soap, general cleanser, laundry detergent, and oxygen bleach plus.


best dishwasher detergent

EcoMom发表于 Sep 08, 2012

LOVE this stuff. it cleans our dishes without having to "pre-wash" the gunk off. dishes come out shiny (we do use vinegar as a rinse aid). no film on the glassware like with other dishwasher detergents.


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