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A Great Value

HawaiianViking发表于 Nov 26, 2012

When doing laundry, I alternate between Bio Kleen, Laundry Liquid, Free & Clear, Unscented and Method, Laundry Detergent, Free + Clear. Both detergents are great at cleaning filthy laundry without toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances, and neither product is tested on animals. It would seem, however, that Bio Kleen, Laundry Liquid is a much better value: Bio Kleen, Laundry Liquid, Free & Clear, Unscented costs 19¢ per load; Method, Laundry Detergent, Free + Clear costs 33¢ per load. I appreciate that it's so concentrated — it makes toting the bottle to the laundry much less cumbersome. The suggested use is "Only 1 oz Per Load!", but I always use more, not because it's necessary, but because of my own compulsion to see a lot of sudsing action. In all, I'm a satisfied customer, and I will re-order.


1000 stars ++++++++++++++++ IF I COULD

Reviewer1377782发表于 Aug 10, 2013

This is great. It cleans dirty collars effectively. It truly is unscented. There are no mouldy smells on the laundry. Everything comes out just very clean and fresh, fresh, meaning, no fragrance whatsoever, just the clean fresh smell you get on clothes after you bring them in from the line. I use 1/2 capful and everything comes out clean. Like they say on the bottle, tough stains, just put a little on the stain and I leave it for 10 minutes, then wash. Even bringing this to the uk including shipping with dhl is cheaper than buying a similar product here in the uk. This is the one I have been looking for. Will buy again.


My second favorite brand.

4636022860649809605发表于 Jan 26, 2014

When I developed eczema I had to change everything. My soaps, shampoos and of course my detergent. Since iherb discontinued my favorite detergent this has become my second. A little bit of this goes a looonng way. I add a few drops of tea tree oil to aid in the cleaning and to give the laundry a light smell. It keeps the clothes soft and not starchy or dry. Will re-order if I ever manage to finish the bottle. Seriously, worth the price for the deep clean and the number of laundry loads you will get done.


biodegradable, cruelty-free, good performance

Reviewer1839008发表于 Apr 15, 2011

biodegradable, cruelty-free, good performance


The best

Reviewer1892212发表于 Mar 19, 2012

see my comment on the All purpose cleaner


Works Well - Good Value

AletaOrganic发表于 Nov 18, 2013

This laundry liquid works well in my front load washer. And the bottle lasts a long time. It's a good value, especially when you buy it at iherb. And I can't always find fragrance free laundry liquid at the health food store.


This works!

ivyengland发表于 Aug 29, 2014

Love this Bio Kleen Laundry Liquid Free & Clear! This is what we use to wash all of our laundry. Everything comes out clean and fresh. Plus there are no harsh chemicals to irritate skin.


good performance of a green product

5415218986383447641发表于 Sep 18, 2014

switched to a green product from normal washing powder; am very pleased with the performance. Our clothes came out clean, which is what it should do. More importantly, it is a green product. This is unlike normal washing powder, once in contact with my hands, makes it itch. Hence, the switch to prevent chemical or toxins building up in body system. A pity that it is discontinued after my first bottle. Would have continued using it.


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