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Very high quality magnesium glycinate.

thenourishedlife发表于 Nov 07, 2012

Most magnesium supplements use magnesium oxide (which isn't absorbed well and can cause diarrhea even in small doses) or magnesium citrate (which can be very irritating to the digestive system). That's why I prefer this chelated magnesium, which is magnesium glycinate. This form of magnesium is gentle on the digestive system, easily absorbed, and it's bound to glycine, which is a stress-relieving, anti-inflammatory amino acid. At 200 mg per capsule, it's the perfect dose to take 1-3 times daily, which should raise magnesium to optimal levels. A+++


OH NO! Looks like they changed the formula!!

Reviewer2197975发表于 Mar 16, 2015

I have always purchased this awesome brand of Chelated Magnesium Albion Amino Acid Chelate Buffered Magnesium Glycinate Chelate. My current bottle in hand does NOT list Magnesium Oxide as an ingredient ANYWHERE on the label, but these new bottles with new labels DO! By the description, the labels and formula seem to have been changed. VERY Disappointed. Will NOT be ordering this brand any longer.


Best Magnesium, in Convenient Tabs

Reviewer2961002发表于 Feb 02, 2012

UPDATE: Should have updated this awhile ago. I've been taking this quite awhile and it's an excellent product, but the fact that is buffered means that some of the elemental magnesium is actually from non-chelated magnesium oxide. So it's less of a value than it would appear. So I've downgraded from five stars to four. So nice to find an Albion-sourced Magnesium Glycinate product with 200mg capsules. I take 400mg each night, and don't have to down 4 capsules at once as I did in the past. One thing I CAN'T say is that this -- or any other magnesium product -- makes me go to sleep any easier, as many people report. But that's not why I buy it -- I just want to try to keep my blood levels of this vital electrolyte higher. Also, Glycine has its own benefits for the body.


Only form I can tolerate orally

Reviewer1301066发表于 Sep 16, 2010

I've tried magnesium citrate, malate, oxide and aspartate. All those forms of magnesium gave me bowel issues even at doses below 200 mg elemental. This form does not cause any issues at one pill a day. AND it works like it's supposed to along the lines of increased energy and relaxing muscles.


best mag

Reviewer1622002发表于 May 05, 2011

I've taken this for months to help with anxiety, and other family members take it for menstrual cramps, headaches, and other things. I can take 600 mg/day or more and still have no digestive upset. Tried some other forms and they caused problems, so I came back to this. The price on this size is lower per mg than lower quality magnesiums i found at drug stores, etc.



Reviewer1936644发表于 May 19, 2010

Excellent product that helped me get my low magnesium levels up in 4 months.


Bluebonnet Nutrition, Chelated Magnesium

Reviewer2497996发表于 Oct 20, 2010

I was so happy to find BB's chelated magnesium at iHerb.com for such a good price. I used to take an expensive transdermal one and do daily foot baths with it to alleviate severe lower back pain for which I was to have surgery. Now I don't need back surgery or foot baths but can take 6-7 capsules/day and feel great!


good product

Reviewer1613144发表于 Dec 08, 2010

Doesn`t upset stomach or bowels


Good supplement for cramps

Reviewer3010395发表于 Apr 11, 2011

Really good for cramps and in a very convenient capsule.


Big fan!

Reviewer2033686发表于 Mar 12, 2014

I read that magnesium glycinate is the best form of magnesium to use to correct magnesium deficiency. I feel calm and focused after taking it. From now on, I'm going to take the chelated form instead of magnesium citrate. Update: I had a nutritional blood analysis recently. My rbc magnesium level is in the upper portion of my lab range. These really work.


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