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A must read.

Reviewer3011160发表于 Aug 24, 2009

An Extremely helpful book on many health issues and how they can be treated with the simple use of enzymes. Their is a special chapter with the recommended enzymes for use for many deseases. It has become a much treasured book on our bookshelf.


Excellent Book

Reviewer1806652发表于 Sep 02, 2009

Highly recommend, so much info in this on the benefits of enzymes for not only digestion but for the reduction of inflammation Enzymes offer so much support for any number of disorders. Great for anyone wishing to manage their own health. Along with Cellfood, a great way to start.


Great Book!

Reviewer1152646发表于 Jul 23, 2009

Easy to read and understand. He puts very valuable info into terminology anyone could use for their own personal purpose.


Best information on the use of enzymes

Reviewer1425717发表于 Oct 15, 2009

This book is easy to read and comprehend. It contains information that I was unable to find anywhere else. Very pleased with this purchase.



Reviewer2613203发表于 Jul 27, 2009

I am so glad that I bought this book. I have learned so much about enzymes and the role they play in overall health. I will definitely be trying the enzymes recommended for my RA.


Well Worth the Read

Reviewer2833285发表于 Aug 25, 2009

I've read a number of books on enzymes and this was by far the easiest read and most the useful. It is the first book I've read that recommends specific enzyme formulas for specific health concerns. On the down side, the author is associated with a firm that manufacturers one of the very enzyme lines he recommends. However, he doesn't hide this fact. All in all, the book is worth the cost and the time to read it.



Reviewer2521811发表于 Aug 09, 2009

Great book. Lots of good information.


Get this book!!

eeleen发表于 Nov 07, 2010

i bot this book because it was cheap ($2.95) and it turns out it was the best deal ever. i am so glad i bot it. it REALLY opened up my eyes about enzymes and how they affect the body and it is really EVERYTHING you need to know about enzymes. i didnt know that much of my ill health could be due to lack of enzymes! one thing tho, the book recommends all these special enzyme formulas/blends that are available only from enzymedica (the author is heading enzymedica or something like that).


Great freebie and source of information!

Reviewer29875314发表于 Jul 09, 2012

I love a lot, that IHerb is taking care not only about food supplements, but about literature informative for the users. I liked this very book for my library. Even though reading it was not that easy as there are a lot of biochemical terms, but this is what arethe enzymes. I like the value of information and that this book has hard cover.


Enzymes Book

karishma发表于 Jun 10, 2012

Great book.


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