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Amazing! but loses flavor when cooked

Reviewer1239444发表于 9月 20, 2010

Coconut Aminos tastes wonderful, VERY close to soy (I grew up on soy sauce, so I well remember what it tastes like). The only problem is if you cook it it will loose a lot of its flavor. If you plan on using it in a non-raw stir fry, add it at the very end. Also great because it's not as high in sodium as soy sauce is.


Love it

5362572640403611224发表于 8月 17, 2013

Love the coconut amino's, I wanted to move away from soy based seasonings, this is kind of an acquired taste, quite sweet, works perfect for dressings and marinades.


Good product, bad packaging

4726393566490305658发表于 8月 21, 2013

I used this to make cauliflower fried rice and it was AWESOME! So glad I finally bought some. However, the two bottles I purchased leaked during transport. Not sure if I'll buy these from a website again.



5013526863525917313发表于 10月 20, 2013

For those who can't do gluten, there's tamari. For those who don't do gluten or soy, there's coconut aminos. Very subtle taste, i didn't get coconut or soy sauce out of this. low sodium, low gly..i like it. i mix it with ginger and orange juice or whatever spicy sauce i am using. if you want to taste soy sauce, this probably isn't for you.


Very tasty and versatile sauce

4745083073513175912发表于 12月 16, 2014

Great paleo soy/tamari sauce alternative. I use this sauce in all of my Asian style cooking. It has more of a sweeter taste than tamari. Compared to a lot of other brands this has the lowest sugars.


Good raw, not cooked

Reviewer2074869发表于 2月 06, 2015

It doesn't taste exactly like soy sauce, however, it gives the idea of soy sauce if eaten raw. When cooked, not much, however it gives an interesting flavor to tomato sauces.


Great to find a soy-free alternative

Reviewer2280183发表于 6月 18, 2014

I bought this for my husband, who cooks with soy sauce. Since we now avoid soy as much as possible (as well as eat coconut oil, coconut flour etc), this was quite a find. He was quite happy with the taste. I haven't given it 5 stars, because time will tell how long it keeps for.


Tasty if used right

plantbasedglutard发表于 2月 22, 2016

Wouldn't use it to replace soy sauce in cooking, a great replacement for sweet soy. I like to use it with some garlic as a dipping sauce.



5603708783640907409发表于 8月 27, 2013

great on salads mixed with apple cider vinegar


I can't decide...

Tingeling发表于 3月 17, 2014

I can't decide if I like this or not..! It has too much wine taste and I dont like wine at all!! I bought this because coconut is good for my thyroid, but the taste is just too weird! Thumbs up for not having soy in it, since people suffering from thyroid should'nt eat anything with soy in it! Will I buy again? No, problaby not!


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