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Great for Athletes

Reviewer2514920发表于 Oct 19, 2011

I train and coach endurance athletes and I have seen all of their performances improve using this product. It works especially well for very long endurance competitions like Ironman triathlons and 50-100 mile trail running races. The product takes about 1 hour to get into the body and start being effective. This product is the best B vitamin complex I have found and is assimilated very well into the body where many are not. It then naturally boosts the metabolic and energy processes in the body. It will also do these wonderful things for non competitive people. As I have seen improvements in energy in all people that use the product. If you think the product is not working for you, it probably means you are very difficient in B vitamins and so need to take more and keep taking them for a while to build up. I have many people take this first thing in the morning to wake up and get going without having to drug themselves with 300 mg of caffeine in coffee. You may notice a yellow phosphorescent glow in your urine often as excess is excreted. This is OK and does not mean you are dehydrated.


Best Type of B-Complex

Reviewer2646290发表于 Jun 12, 2010

Just started using this product after researching the best Vitamin B-Complex to take - coenzyme. Since it doesn't require the usual conversion, it's better absorbed and you don't need high potency. Love that Country Life is concerned with quality and uses methyl B-12 instead of cyanocobalamin. Love that you take on empty stomach and it does not upset nor repeat on me. I've used other Country Life products and love this one. The 240 count is a great value. If you find you need to take more of this than recommended dosage to see results, it probably means you are deficient in the B vitamins.


GREAT product!

Reviewer2603659发表于 Apr 01, 2010

This is an EXCELLENT product and I cannot emphasize that enough. I really needed B Complex for some emotional strain and I noticed a change in my mood after just a month of taking this. I bought the big bottle, take two a day, and even take a third when I'm feeling particularly anxious. They always work. Country Life provides YEAST FREE B Complex which has worked better for me than about 4 other brands with yeast. I love these vitamins and they changed my life!



Reviewer1902696发表于 Jan 27, 2009

I like it that one dose is two capsules so you can split it up and take it at different times in the day since the b vitamins are water soluble.


Country Life B-Complex

Reviewer1817697发表于 Mar 25, 2009

Best B-Complex I've ever used and at a price half of what I was paying at Whole Foods


Active form of Vit. B - good stuff

SteveL发表于 Apr 01, 2010

I can tell a big difference with this Active form of Vit B. even though its not sublingual- it seems to absorb really well. Steve


Life Changing - best on market

kanaca发表于 Sep 03, 2013

I'm a poor methylator - and am on a protocol for methylation. I didn't know about the spectrum of co-enzymated, bioavailable B-vitamins. And wow, taking them makes a difference! Finally, Methyl-folate, P5P, Co-enzymated B2. I wonder why Country Life combines traditional, non-coenzymated forms in combination with co-enzymated. I've bought bottle for my whole family!


like it

Reviewer1526191发表于 Mar 06, 2009

I take vitamin B supplements to help handle stress. This seems like a good one.


Easily assimilated

KentuckyWildcat发表于 Apr 17, 2012

This coenzymated B-complex seems to be easily absorbed and assimilated by my body. The coenzyme forms are ones the body can use without first having to be processed by the liver.


Coenzymated B complex jump in price

Reviewer2631717发表于 Aug 10, 2012

We bought these because I read that you have to be careful not to overburdon the body with the synthetic kind which can actually harm the body. We were feeling tired out a lot so thought maybe we are low on B vitamins. Our sick friend also ordered them and actually gets a boost of energy from them. I guess this means that he was deficient. When I take them, I don't notice any boost, so I guess that means I am not deficient even though I feel rather tired. We noticed the price shot up from $21.25 on the last iherb order to $25.50. This is a huge price jump of exactly 20%. Wow! Millie from Canuckland


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