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great but not to everybody

Reviewer2339811发表于 Mar 22, 2012

DHEA is very good and this product has a good combination in the ingredients. If you are first starting to taking DHEA a very wise doctor told me to increase the doses slower. The ideal is start with 5 mg, increasing to 10..15 little by little. The best way to take it is with empty stomach fist thing in the morning at lead 30 minutes before breakfast. This formulate is dangerous to take together with 5-HTP, as it has B6 in the composition. If You are taking 5-Htp it's better to give at 8 hours between one and another. My doctor also recommended to give done week break any supplement every 3 weeks, so your liver can healthier and your body don't get so used to. My mom start with a dose of already 25 mg and had horrible side effects. I am taking DHEA for over a year and having good results. The DHEA can cause acne, hair loss , irritability and some other side effects. I like to start any supplement for 3 times per week and start to feel how it reacts in my body. Everyone is different and have different reaction in the body. I can just suggest you to research online for side effects of any supplement that you will put in your body before you take and watch if you have any, many times the doctors don't tell you the side effects and starts with high dosage.


It is effective.. but there can be sideeffects.

Reviewer1742806发表于 Mar 27, 2009

This is a potent supplement. It did make me feel better, until my hair started falling out and it stopped my periods. I guess it can become testosterone and other hormones that will reap havoc in some people. This is buyer beware.


It helps

Reviewer2974532发表于 Mar 17, 2011

This product has helped a lot my pre-menopause symptons and I can wholeheartedly recommend it also to other women at the same age as I am (50).



Reviewer1629345发表于 May 24, 2010

Puts more energy in my life, positive mental energy. DHEA didn't work for me, so I tried the complex for women, and within 3 days - I could tell the difference. I have been using this prodduct for over 6 years.


Wonderful addition to HRT

Reviewer1568651发表于 Aug 13, 2010

I went through menopause at 26 due to brain surgery. The doc put me on premarin and provera which I was on for 12 years. I finally found a doctor to put me on natural alternatives for HRT and I added this DHEA complex and love what it does for me. I love iherb.com because their prices are great. Try the product...great for hot flashes, etc


Excellent product.

Reviewer3003490发表于 Dec 25, 2007

I have been using DHEA for years since I stopped taking HRT I have not had any symptoms.


Good response

Reviewer1138775发表于 Dec 10, 2008

Good response when taken before bed along with 50mg 5-HTP and 100mg GABA


Improved my sleep quality

jgreat发表于 Aug 16, 2012

This helped me with stress and sleep.



Reviewer3260527发表于 Jan 12, 2011

Got this for my mother-in-law who's trying to ease off HRT. So far this DHEA complex and maca powder have made the transition smooth and painless.



Reviewer2989945发表于 Aug 03, 2009

When our bodies quit making enough necessary hormones it is important to provide them AND natural is always best! Great brand using the veggie caps that I prefer over tablets.


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