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Love the enteric coating

Reviewer2227545发表于 7月 22, 2008

The enteric coating allows the enzymes to be released where it should be - in the intestines and not the stomach. We tried NOW's pancreatic product but my daughter's sensitive stomach reacted to it. We have noticed a lessening of gas and repeating of food since using this product.



Reviewer1974227发表于 8月 25, 2009

I have tried all the other brands of pancreatin but this one is by far the ONLY one that actually works, this is due to the slow release system, normal enzymes just get killed off in the stomach, really impressed with this and how its helped my digestion.


Jacob Stansbury, Jr.

Reviewer1340119发表于 4月 10, 2008

I suffer from chronic pancreatitis and use this product to digest the food I consume. I have used it for several years, and it works as well as more expensive similar enzyme products. Note that I MUST use such enzymes since my pancreas cannot produce them to digest food. Suggestion: I usually buy twenty or thirty 100 tab bottles of this product at a time. It would be far more convenient and less expensive for all of us if this product were available packaged in 500 or 1000 tab plastic bottles. This assuming you have sufficient other customers who buy in these tabs in such quantities.


Ms. Joyce Edmonds

Reviewer1849616发表于 5月 09, 2008

Excellent, was better then others used prior.


Pancreatin Supplement

Reviewer1240788发表于 12月 06, 2007

I have been using Country Life Pancreatin Super Strength for some time now and it works great with my German Shepherd who has mild EPI. Country Life has been very helpful in maintaining her health.


digestion is the key to longevity

Reviewer1043898发表于 2月 06, 2009

Eat right - fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, berried and SMALL GAME and make sure you have your pancreatin for digestion and you too can live a long healthy life. this product is super strengthand great for seniors too!


Great Digestive Aid

Reviewer2757004发表于 7月 05, 2009

Pancreatin is great for the digestive process. As we get older, sometimes our bodies need a little help digesting food. This product works great. I use it about 15-30 min. after a meal to help with all the food.


Excellent product!

Reviewer1752904发表于 7月 15, 2011

I used to buy a similar product made by Source Naturals, but it is no longer available. This pancreatin is equal in quality and a better price. I have a very sensitive digestive tract, and these digestive enzymes allow me to enjoy my food rather than worry about the pain.


Best Price, High Potency

Tracey发表于 12月 02, 2011

Great product to reduce inflammation in joints and body. Helps with pain. Take it in between meals for this purpose. For dietary support take it with meals so you don't exhaust your pancreas and to make better use of food. Helps with digestion problems, too. I don't use the vegetarian because those are made by fungi that may cause problems.


Great Product

Reviewer1237658发表于 9月 18, 2010

Pancreatin has been extremely beneficial, I have regular bowel movements, and great liver cleanser.


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