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Not worth trying!

Supplementsdiy发表于 11月 17, 2013

I am someone who sweats easily (especially my armpits) thus I am unfortunately not free from body odour (or armpit odour). I am excited to find this product as it is fragrance free (fragrance irritates me more than it helps), non sticky and staining (no yellow spot on my shirt), chemical free and supposedly aluminium free. It’s dirt cheap and seems to be able to last a long time. It is very easy to apply when the armpit is wet. From my personal experience, I find this product has semi effects. It works by eliminating the odour causing bacteria, not sweat pore blocking (like some reviewers think). Basically, it works well when I am not sweating. However when I start to perspire a lot, the odour will come back (probably because the protective barrier got washed off by the sweat). Aluminium chlorohydrate or similar aluminium compound are common ingredients used in deodorant to block the sweat pores. As such, it is also easily absorbed into our blood stream and end up in the brain, contributing to neurodegenerative diseases. It claims to be aluminium free though it is made of aluminium alum. The general claim by sellers is that aluminium alum is not absorbed via the skin thus it is safe but I rather err on the safe side and not continue to use it. Check out my page for more reviews!



Reviewer2185424发表于 6月 28, 2008

This is the best deoderant on the planet. It works for 24 hrs... NO odor. It's incredible. It lasts about 8mo. The only problem I have with it is it's slippery and easy to drop. When it drops, it cracks and even shatters.


Good deo, but too fragile

NataliyaKvitka发表于 8月 13, 2012

Both husband and I use these deos, and like them because it's fragrance free and dry, no white stains etc. But - it's fragile! Occasionally dropped it on the floor - this is it, crystal is completely broken! // Пользуемся камушками и я, и муж. Без запаха, сухой, не оставляет следов. Но очень хрупкий - одно падение и нужен новый кристалл. Поэтому 4 звездочки.


I love it

VictoriaN发表于 3月 16, 2012

It works fantastically on me! no smell anymore, cheap and 100% natural


This product....

Reviewer1647103发表于 10月 25, 2011

Rocks....literally! Only thing, be mindful when using. Hubby dropped ours on the bathroom floor. It broke in half but we still use it anyway!


Crystal Body Deodorant, Crystal Body Deodorant

Reviewer1970799发表于 11月 28, 2011

good protect against smell, but package isn't usefull


Maybe this is why some hippies smelled bad...

Reviewer2093432发表于 10月 30, 2008

This worked really well for about 5 days, then stopped working for me. Don't know if I ate something weird or broke the "on" switch or what. I think I'll try Tom's brand next time.


Waste of money!

Reviewer1007082发表于 5月 16, 2011

I was looking for something that will keep me dry while I run around in the Army uniform (it does get hot and humid in VA so much that my jacket gets wet under arms. I read all reviews and was psyched about this product. But it's a total disaster... I've applied it under arms right after shower, put my t-shirt on, was brushing my teeth and noticed that my t-shirt was soaking wet under arms! It didn't keep me dry even for 5 minutes!


I don't like it

Reviewer3324415发表于 8月 07, 2010

This product is not totally natural is made from ammonium alum and not potassiun alum.


Crystal Body Deodorant

Reviewer1771054发表于 9月 16, 2009

I am really enjoying this product. I have been looking for years for something that would keep me from sweating and I have found it. I feel fresh all day. I even bought one for my husband. Great product.


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