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Definitely Not Coffee, But an Excellent Substitute - Better than Decaf Coffee

Reviewer2620349发表于 Feb 02, 2011

I was extremely skeptical when a friend highly recommended this to me with rave reviews. However, I was needing to kick my coffee habit for upcoming pregnancy, and I just cannot find a good cup of decaf coffee. So I ordered the Dandy Blend, but I did not hold my breath. :-) Well surprise surprise! No, it does not taste just like coffee, but it is an excellent and healthy substitute for me, and tastes better (smoother) than decaf coffee. I personally don't like it very strong as I think the stronger it is the less it tastes like coffee to me, but I enjoy it perfectly following the instructions on the package to use a heaping tsp. to 8 oz. of water for a coffee-like beverage. I'm ordering the bigger, economical package b/c even my husband helped me fly through my first bag!


Very good taste!

Reviewer1476343发表于 Oct 10, 2010

I was skeptical at first, but after tasting this instant beverage it was an instant winner for me. I didn't experience the nervousness, nauseating feeling every time I would drink a cup and a case of the blahs that would stay with me for the entire day that I'd began to have when I stopped drinking coffee the beginning of this year. I can now enjoy drinking a cup whenever I want to without having to worry about anything at all. I will continue to buy this in the place of coffee from now on.


Yummy stuff

notsteveaustin发表于 Mar 09, 2011

Smells like coffee, tastes better!


too expensive

Reviewer1073728发表于 Feb 12, 2011

but really good


I like it

Reviewer2163308发表于 Jul 05, 2011

I have been looking for a good coffee substitute for quite a while. Tried a few but didn't like it. This one does the trick for me. Good flavor, with or without sweetening.


Dandy Blend Beverage

Reviewer2970244发表于 Jul 05, 2011

Looking for a hot drink to replace coffee. This has been the closest yet, but since my love is dark roast black coffee, this didn't make it for me. If you like capicino's with milk and sweetener Dandy Blend would be ideal.


Fantastic Product

Reviewer3248694发表于 Feb 16, 2011

This is the first time I've used iHerb.com and I was very impressed with the whole process. I received my product, which by the way is a great alternative to coffee and tastes great, in a very timely manner and I will definately order again from this company. Thanks so much Tina


Great healthy coffee substitute!

GallaChiro发表于 Oct 28, 2010

Nice flavor, has a learning curve but will never go back to coffee again, its sweet, nutty and healthy and non acidic.


Great coffe

Reviewer1189011发表于 Aug 19, 2011

This one was excellent, we loved it! I tested it on my husband without telling him that it was not "proper" cofee, and he didn`t notice


good coffee replacement

5043751949630886538发表于 Dec 23, 2012

i like that it's gluten-free. other herbal coffee substitutes also use barley and rye but they are not gluten-free. this is a great alternative. i also like that it comes in bulk or single servings to suit every need.


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