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Divine stuff.

Reviewer1687596发表于 Aug 02, 2011

Feels wonderful and smells lovely. I use this followed by the Camocare Organics Quenching Serum. Definitely reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I live in Florida and there is no greasiness or stickiness to these products. I am 60.



SonjaT发表于 Jul 01, 2012

Just remembered that I have to buy it again. It's a good mist...and now it's also hot...so we'll be needing it 2 feel refreshed and to stay beautiful.


not for sensitive skin

Reviewer1953592发表于 Nov 03, 2013

This mist is very refreshing, contains no oil, so it might be a good option for a non sensitive, oily/combination skin. But if you have a dry or sensitive skin, it won't be hydrating enough, and some ingredients may irritate your skin(alcohol, fragrance...).


I like it / Мне нравится

AmberCat发表于 Aug 31, 2012

Чудный спрей с гиалуроновой кислотой. Очень хорошо увлажняет кожу, не увеличивая ее жирность. Для моей жирной кожи это просто спасение. Имеет приятный цветочный запах плюмерии. Из минусов можно отметить только маленький объем и легкий блеск на коже после использования, который, впрочем, легко удаляется припудриванием. A wonderful spray with hyaluronic acid. Very good moisturizes the skin without increasing its fat content. It's just saves my oily skin. It has a pleasant smell of frangipani flower. Of the disadvantages can be noted only a small volume and shine a light on the skin after use, which, however, can be easily removed with dusting.


Refresca e hidrata

Elisabb发表于 Jul 13, 2013

Todas las mañanas, al levantarme me doy dos puf de este producto y me "despierta". Me gusta mucho la sensación que deja en la piel, lo que no me acaba de convencer es el olor.


Great hydrating spray

5621519204234482831发表于 Mar 07, 2015

Found this little product very helpful with my dehydrated oily skin, makes a huge difference in my skin during Australian summer. I think it's even more effective than pure hyaluronic acid applied before a moisturiser. The packaging is compact enough and the dispenser is very good, gives a very fine mist. Has a pleasant fresh scent. All my friends who tried this product have now purchased it, so must be good.


Nice & Light

Reviewer3225970发表于 Jun 06, 2012

I use this in the daytime..it's light, refreshing and the HA keeps skin nicely hydrated. This is just enough moisture as I live in a hot & humid climate, regular oily/cream moisturizers make my skin sticky and greasy within hours.


Good hydrating properties for a mist but overwhelming fragrance

Reviewer2410113发表于 Sep 18, 2010

This is a good product and you can feel the hyaluronic acid doing its worth in retaining and attracting moisture when spritzed on your face after cleansing. However, it won't be sufficient as a moisturiser, but works VERY well under one. 1 star off for the fragrance. It's too strong! If Derma E can make it fragrance-free, it'd be great!


Strong smell

Reviewer1613633发表于 May 09, 2012

Can't get past the Plumeria Blossom fragrance - not good!


Derma E, Hyaluronic Hydrating Mist, Oil-Free Moisturizer

IrinaSh发表于 Dec 27, 2011

Excellent mist! Ideally for a fat skin! Humidifies, but doesn't hammer in a time and the person pure and soft! Very good spray!


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