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A new fan of Derma E

Reviewer2538485发表于 Jul 27, 2009

Only recently discovered Derma E I am an official convert. I love the products, all have delivered what they say they will do and this is no exception. A beautiful oil that can be used neat at night or mixed in with other creams, I stir a teaspoon into my small jars of face cream to add that extra rich treatment.


Derma E, Vitamin A with E Wrinkle Treatment

Reviewer2656924发表于 Dec 27, 2010

I just started using this about two weeks ago and I am starting to notice a difference in my skin. I have used a lot of beauty products but none have really delivered what they promised. I believe this product is something I will use from here on out.



Reviewer1167772发表于 Jan 17, 2012

This is not a miracle treatment however it's close to it. Leaves my skin feeling soft and has even started to reduce fine wrinkles. Highly recommended.


So soft and smooth

DinaB123发表于 Mar 25, 2010

Makes my skin soft and smooth. One problem I have with this product is packaging. Having some sort of a dropper or a pump dispenser would be valuable. Just tipping a bottle makes one loose a lot of product and create oily spills.


Unsuitable for sensitive skin - avoid if you have daisy/ragweed allergy (safflower)

Health-Is-Wealth发表于 Oct 26, 2013

Like another reviewer, I bought this to use as a transdermal vitamin supplement rather than skin care - it would be useful to know how much retinyl palmitate is in it. It irritated my skin and did not absorb well - seemed overly greasy. Would be better if there was a dropper for dispensing the oil - it's difficult to pour a small amount and it drips down the side of the bottle making that greasy too. If this review was helpful to you, please click YES below - thank you. For reviews of all the products I have purchased from iHerb, please click my username above.


very good

Reviewer1806747发表于 Jan 01, 2013

fades out age spots too.. My husband loves it on his face too. :)


Vit A oil

5695422002910520765发表于 Sep 22, 2013

I used to use coconut oil but this seems to work a lot better. I only have to apply it after I wash my face. after two days my face is still not dry. And the dryness of my face after I wash it seems to not be as bad. Does not turn my face red like a lot of other procducts I have tried.


This product is great!!

Reviewer1319315发表于 Jul 10, 2011

I use it as an ingrediens for my homemade creams, and it works wonderfully.


Perfect for dry skin

Reviewer1400802发表于 Sep 01, 2011

My skin does not tolerate fragrances or essential oils so this is a perfect product that makes skin very soft. I wish packaging was different, maybe a pump dispenser or something similar.


love it

Reviewer2503595发表于 May 30, 2011

i mix this with grapeseed oil and my skin seems to love it!


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