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So far so good!

Reviewer1995621发表于 Sep 27, 2011

I have very oily, combination, honey brown skin that is sensitive to products and is healing from severe cystic acne breakouts. I usually know within 2-3 days if a product will break me out or if my skin doesn't like it. I've been using this daily (in the evenings only) for a week now and my skin seems to drink it up and seems very calm now. No new breakouts and my skin feels very soft and subtly moisturized. A few days ago I decided to mix some skinactives copper peptides ghk to it and my skin is still loving it. I'm hoping this is the anti-aging, moisturizing, acne treatment that I've been looking for, so far so good.


Amazing Product!

Reviewer2339701发表于 Mar 18, 2009

I used to spend a fortune on products I thought were unbeatable . . . so not worth it! This product is fabulous! I use it in the mornings and at night. I got sunburned in Vegas and used this product afterward and it not only soothed my skin, but turned my burn into a tan without peeling (I'm freckled with pale skin, Irish, and am prone to burns and peeling!). Love this! Won't ever use anything else!


Love it!

Reviewer1940808发表于 Sep 04, 2010

Leaves skin smooth and moist, not greasy. I loved that this creme did not have any smell!!!!


The old version was great, the new one not so much

5485530715452005687发表于 Mar 22, 2013

This is my second time ordering Derma E Vitamin A and Green Tea Creme. The product is now in a new packaging, different than the one in the photo. I assumed that I was still getting the old version, but it turned out I wasn't. The old version was fantastic. My skin was radiant, the feeling was nice and soothing. During the winter months I would combine it with oil (I have extra dry skin) and it would be the best thing ever. The new version seems different (sadly, I threw away the box so I couldn't check if and to what extent they changed the ingredients). The first time I used it, my skin would sting but I thought the reason was another new product I tried that night. However, the stinging persisted when I applied it the next day. It stang bad (!) and my skin had a fabulous looking rash the next day. I stopped using it and gave it to my mom who reported the exact same problems. I won't be ordering this product again.


A pleasure to use

AthinaT发表于 Dec 07, 2009

This is an excellent product! It has a thick consistency but its texture is silky. It is applied very easily, it absorbs quickly and immediately after application the skin feels very moisturized and looks velvety smooth and soft. The moisturizing action lasts all day long and if you apply it in the evening you have a very rested skin in the morning. Its fragrance is very light and discreet and i find it very appealing. It easily makes the high end cosmetic creams a real waste of money.



5255867436718629906发表于 Jul 30, 2014

I was sent different product probably by mistake, so I can't comment this cream



5305417806478798051发表于 Apr 12, 2014

I love this Cream! Goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly, great under make-up. Keeps my face soft and moisturized throughout the whole day. No particular scent which is good. Repurchasing. And trying new Derma E products after using this.


great creme

Reviewer3255931发表于 May 04, 2009

Love it! Great simple creme.



Reviewer1730934发表于 Aug 03, 2009

This moisturizer is perfect-it is light and not oily at all.


For Hands

Reviewer2465153发表于 Mar 17, 2011

I've been using this with the Green Tea Skin Care and I really like it for hands.


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