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There are much better products out there.

Supplementsdiy发表于 11月 17, 2013

This soap contains all natural ingredients. It does not contains harsh chemicals such as paraben, phthalate, sodium lauryl sulphate. It’s biodegradable and does not leave behind harmful chemicals in the environment. It does sting the eyes much when it accidently gets into the eyes like when you use conventional soap loaded with many unknown chemical. Despite the other reviews that claim that it is not drying, I find it to be opposite. I have very oily facial skin. My facial skin does dry up when I wash my face frequently. It seems to remove too much facial oil in my case. I will stick to gentler natural soap like Dr Wood. On the positive side, the tea oil did smell nice though it does not last too long (like any other bar soap). Check out my page for more reviews!


Great Soap for adult acne

Reviewer2987698发表于 9月 14, 2007

I LOVE this soap. I'm 37 years old and have suffered with breakouts for years. This soap has practically stopped the breakouts!!


Clearing up my daughter's acne

DeanaS发表于 1月 01, 2011

She's 26 and just gets awful pimples, very red, all over her face, neck, and back. We try everything. This began helping immediately. Don't know why we'd never tried it before!


helps ease itching from foliculitis

Reviewer1342312发表于 5月 22, 2007

My family likes this soap and we have found that it eases the itching from foliculitis and helps speed the healing of cancre sores in the mouth (used by rubbing a little of the soap on a finger and applying it to the sore area and then rinsing well). It's great!


Expected more

healthydoesit发表于 10月 10, 2013

I love that this is made with natural tea tree oil. It stays firm and lasts a while. It hasn't yet helped with acne or eczema like many people stated. Also, I find that I still have body odor within hours of cleaning under my arms with this bar. I figured this would work better than real soap by killing the bacteria that cause odor, but I was wrong. I did just order a second bar to give it a fair chance for a while. So far, not impressed. Take a look at my page to see over 100 real reviews from products I've purchased and tested here at Iherb!


Not What You Expect

Reviewer2390602发表于 12月 26, 2008

This bar is basically just saponified vegetable oil and feels like it. The other ingredients are undetectable and seem to be "pixie dust".


not great.

Reviewer1340997发表于 5月 20, 2011

ok soap but there is no list of ingredients and it doesn't have much smell of tea tree so I don't think it's very powerful. It's also more expensive than Giovanni's Tea Tree Triple Treat soap and isn't half so nice. I also love Giovanni's shampoo.



HeidiT发表于 1月 25, 2011

I am very happy with this soap. My hands are left soft and clean, and my allergy prone partner likes it as well. I will buy this again.


Great face bar; body bar for men

Reviewer1129720发表于 6月 14, 2010

I like it on my face for preventing acne.



Reviewer1710594发表于 6月 18, 2008

I bought this to try on some skin conditions I have. It has worked to prevent rashes I tend to get. However, it also did something unexpected. I managed to get a sunburn on my right arm while on a long road trip. It was a nasty dark red. I was anticipating a great deal of pain. When I initially got in the shower, it stung (like sunburns do). However, when I lathered the soap and put it on my arm, the pain cleared up. The next day the red had turned to brown. Instead of peeling and burning, I now have a tan!


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