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Not perfect :o(( ♡ Visit my page for more reviews♡

Valerie发表于 Aug 27, 2013

This is a review on a pair: jojoba shampoo+jojoba conditioner. The shampoo has a bit strange but not overwhelming "tropical" smell, watery consistency,, not economical, have to use twice to wash my long thick hair. The conditioner seems nutritious, but I didn't like the way it works. I didn't see any nutrition or detangling - I have to use additional leave-in conditioner (by Jane Carter http://www.iherb.com/The-Jane-Carter-Solution-Revitalizing-Leave-In-Conditioner-8-fl-oz-237-ml/43245). Dry hair look not very attractive - naughty and frizzy. Will search for anything better. ♫♪ If I helped you with your choice - please, click "Yes" under the review and welcome to my page with even more helpful reviews! Good Luck! ♫♪ Это отзыв на пару: жожоба шампунь и жожоба кондиционер. У шампуня странноватый "тропический" запах, но к нему привыкаешь, водянистая консистенция, не экономичный, приходится длинные волосы промывать по два раза, что раньше никогда не делала. Кондиционер на первый взгляд кажется питательным, но он мне тоже не понравился. После него волосы путаются также, как если бы я использовала только шампунь. Спасает лишь несмываемый кондиционер (Jane Carter http://www.iherb.com/The-Jane-Carter-Solution-Revitalizing-Leave-In-Conditioner-8-fl-oz-237-ml/43245). В общем, ни питания, ни ухода я не заметила. Сухие волосы выглядят непривлекательно (они у меня в отличном состоянии - редко сушу феном, раз в неделю маски) - пушатся, непослушные, нет привычного блеска. Буду искать что-нибудь более достойное. ♫♪ Если я помогла Вам с выбором - кликните "Yes" внизу и добро пожаловать на мою страничку (просто кликните на мой ник Valerie) с множеством полезных отзывов о других продуктах с IHerb! Удачи! ♫♪


Without PEG?

5571403446423178333发表于 Jul 24, 2013

Hi, I don't understand why you say there is no PEG/PPG when you put something like Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride in the conditioner. It's really sad when you see it's a good formula but there is this PEG in it :-/ Why did you put this when there already is Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein?


Great smell high volume condition

4904257439201615936发表于 Nov 17, 2012

Suitable for small and thin hair cos it give voluminize for your hair very good. Due to my allergy to SLS ,ive been using aubrey organics before this dessert essence have more foamy and good in smell than that. But im thick hair and big hair so its make my head look like mushroom, no frizze but high in volume. Compare with honey suckle aubrey organic , aubrey have more smooth to my hair but less in foam and less in smell. So I suggest this product to fine and thin hair.


It is not more then OK

Reviewer3228223发表于 Nov 13, 2011

Doesn't improve hair smoothness much.


Left a residue

filmoyster发表于 Aug 21, 2012

This conditioner is just OK, it leaves a residue that I can feel after towel drying my hair. I have oilier hair than most so I have to wash my hair more frequently if I use this conditioner.



5473623047143389834发表于 Oct 03, 2015

Acheté à l'aveugle, j'ai été un peu étonnée par l'odeur très forte de chewing gum, mais cet après shampooing est génial. Laisse les cheveux lisse et nourris, en pleine forme. Peu s'utiliser en no poo aussi. Beaucoup mieux que beaucoup de masques compliqués. Seul bémol le conditionnement : grand contenant pas très pratique à utiliser, trop gros pour voyager.


Excellent Conditioner

Mayito发表于 Oct 12, 2015

Leaves my oily prone hair lightweight and soft


life changer!

4996827273608684135发表于 Jan 28, 2016

my hair is down all the way to my butt and with any other conditioner it easily tangled up and created the worst knots which I even had to cut out sometimes. I've been using this conditioner for a little over a year and I do not have this problem anymore! My hair is so smooth, just like silk! My own hair color got enhanced and just shines so pretty now. Wholeheartedly recommend to anyone with long hair.



CutieChloe发表于 Aug 25, 2016

nourishing. not much smell actually, quite gentle


Great conditionner

5167769752733423791发表于 Sep 23, 2012

A small amount goes a long way, nice smell, great for my sensitive scalp, after a few weeks my hair looks stronger. I'll buy again


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