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Don't ever discontinue this product!

Reviewer1462107发表于 10月 05, 2008

I've used this cleanser in combination with the pomegranate face serum for over a month now, and it's the best combo I've ever used. I'm in my late 20s with 15 years of acne prone skin, and most cleansers either dry me out or leave a residue. This cleanser does neither. It's fresh, invigorating, and leaves my problem skin soft, clean and clear. I still have some breakouts but they're severely diminished with this cleanser. The face serum helps make-up glide on effortlessly and almost creates a barrier between my skin and the make-up, making it feel like it can breathe better. It shows in how good my skin looks now! My only con with the face serum is that it slides off when you sweat, along with your make-up! Not the prettiest picture, so don't wear it with make-up if you plan to exercise. ;) Otherwise, I hope Desert Essence never discontinues these products!


Fantastic Product

Reviewer3120573发表于 9月 24, 2008

This leaves my hormonal confused skin nice and clean but does not dry it out too much. My skin used to feel scaley and congested but this product has sorted it out. It has a slight minty smell and does tingle a bit when using it but it hasn't irritazted my usuallysensitive skin at all.



Reviewer2652074发表于 9月 02, 2009

Excellent Product


Great cleanser for all skin types

Reviewer2377076发表于 10月 23, 2009

I love this cleanser. Even though I have somewhat oily skin and I wear makeup, my skin feels thoroughly cleansed and it really improves my skin tone. And iherb offers it at a great price.


Desert Essence Cleansing Gel

Reviewer1282537发表于 10月 10, 2008

This seems like a good product so far.


excellent facial cleansing gel

Reviewer2917413发表于 2月 27, 2008

I love this product, a little goes a long way.


The Best!

Reviewer1571043发表于 4月 15, 2008

This is the best Gluten-Free skin care I have found yet!


Facial cleanser

Reviewer1588471发表于 6月 13, 2008

This cleanser is very gentle, it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry and taut but rather smooth and refreshed.


Nice and gentle

Reviewer1559857发表于 1月 11, 2010

My skin is very sensitive, very dry but gets clogged easily. I use this cleanser once or twice a week as an enzyme scrub to remove dead skin cells. Though it tingles quite a bit as I rub it in it is very gentle, not too drying and leaves no residue. Probably won't remove heavy make-up but really helps keeping skin smooth.


Good cleanser

Reviewer2798912发表于 5月 24, 2010

This cleanser cleanse well and doesn't dry up the skin. The skin feels clean, smooth and firm after cleansing. Smells good too. Will purchase this again.


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