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Take it or leave it.

justkickingit发表于 Aug 31, 2012

Rose: Very frosty light beige/mauve. Exactly the color on the cap. Strange smell: like a mix of kiwi & rose. One thin, light coat is best. I have pale skin, blonde hair & this color washes me out, especially when two coats are applied. Merlot: Medium pink (on lips). Smells fruity. The nicer of the two colors, for sure. One light coat is best; two coats make it appear patchy & it's hard to get a smooth color without overloading on it. And this is not the kind of lipproduct you want to go heavy on. These are alright. Not too much color, more frost. Easy to overapply, hoping for a deeper color... & ending up with too much of an 80's look. These don't feel too moisturizing, basically a lip tint. Can feel 'cakey' and drying if too much is applied, so I wouldn't recommend that. For a very light coat, they're just okay. Less moisturizing than a lipbalm, less shine than a lipgloss, less color than a lipstick. But on the positive side, at least the color is not sticky on the lips! Nice that they're gluten free & a good price, but would not repurchase. If they were sold in singles, might rebuy the merlot shade.


too much shimmer

Reviewer3067816发表于 Jun 09, 2011

too much shimmer, but this is very pigmented and softer lips. maybe someone like it!


Interesting lip shimmers

FancyBeauty发表于 Aug 30, 2012

I've wanted to put a 4-star grade because I did not like the gloss with a Merlot tint. More often I use a dark one of this couple. On the other hand the glosses are great. They have pleasant aroma and good structure. Do not flow, do not slipp on the lips, moreover they do wonders with the lips - the lips are moisturized and nourished. Хотела поставить 4 только из-за того, что не понравился блеск с оттенком Merlot, в основным я пользуюсь темным оттенком. А с другой стороны сами по себе блески просто отличнейшие. Приятный аромат, хорошая структура, не течет, не скатывается и творит с губами чудеса - заметно увлажняет и ухаживает.


From Norway

Reviewer1250238发表于 Oct 22, 2011

like odor and color well. They are so small they can fit in small handbag


Bad, bad,bad.

Reviewer1345067发表于 Jun 21, 2011

Bad,bad,bad. Bad structure, smells not good for me and most important - lips become dry after usage.


Yummy, pretty and sheer

Reviewer1588640发表于 May 02, 2011

I love this stuff!


nice lipstick

Reviewer2083397发表于 May 25, 2011

nice lipstick delicate color


love these

Reviewer3106899发表于 Oct 23, 2011

these are my new favorite shimmers. the merlot looks pretty dark and the champagne is a nice light shimmer. both have good coverage and feel great on, very moisturizing. excellent value.


Love this product

Reviewer1787832发表于 Dec 22, 2011

I first found it at Walgreens (no longer available there) This is great lip gloss- the best I've ever had. I'm not crazy about the Rose color- but I gave it to a friend- unopened of course.


Love them both

5602475129292382614发表于 Oct 10, 2013

The co,our is beautiful, and can be put on eachother, smells amazing as well


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