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Bromelain for pain reduction

4894922825002157972发表于 Nov 07, 2014

I have been under regular treatment for many years for arthritis and gout-like symptoms which owe to excessive uric acid build-up. I have back treatments but within a short time muscular tension and skeletal aches build again. (I am humched over a computer working every day at a desk). I first became interested in the powerful natural enzyme Bromelain for its digestive benefits but became aware that it has blood cleansing and othe benefits also. It is important to take Bromelain on an empty stomach, away from food, for it to have a pain relieving effect (otherwise it is expended in digesting food). I feel sure that it does reduce my uric acid balance too, as I noted a general feeling of wellbeing and a reduced need to race off to a therapist for back treatment. I should also note that it is a valid treatment for reducing fluuid build-up in the lungs and nose. Asthma sufferers might like to give it a try. Fair to say that in the first couple of weeks I dosed up hard - but there are zero ill effects so that is not a concern. I will cut back to two or three caps a day now though and plan to keep it in my diet. I was mightly impressed by the speed in which my order arrived. Good work i-Herb.


Did not experience benefits noted by others

Health-Is-Wealth发表于 Oct 28, 2013

Asthma was not improved, joints did not feel better nor did I notice any benefits re inflammation - I just felt bloated. But the benefits are backed by science. I like that the capsules don't contain anything else, but that's about it. If this review was helpful to you, please click YES below - thank you. For reviews of all the products I have purchased from iHerb, please click my username above.



Reviewer1242003发表于 Jan 22, 2010

I take these for help with digestion. Helps


Bromelain 500 Mg.

Reviewer2140932发表于 Jan 09, 2010

Great product that servers many health perposes.



Reviewer2919566发表于 Nov 23, 2010

This product is not only great for the heart and joints but when my husband was coughing and we ran out cough mixture he took one capsule and whoa lah! the cough was gone. He was so happy that he made me order 4 bottles of this. I also gave this product to my brother who is suffering from asthma. He took 2 3 times a day on an empty stomach.He is much better now and is very happy.


Really like this

Reviewer1177817发表于 May 12, 2011

Works well!


Excellent Product

Reviewer1091779发表于 Jan 12, 2014

Excellent Product



Reviewer2427281发表于 Jul 17, 2012

Good quality and price. Great for the circulatory and gastrointestinal systems.


great stuff

Reviewer1102544发表于 Nov 06, 2012

This product - in combination with turmeric has been hugely successful for me, I cant imagain not useing it for the rest of my life


Does what it says

4850485322067736465发表于 May 01, 2015

Jhad never heard of Bromelain until I was doing some research on things to help with blood clots. I definitely didn't want to take any conventional quack medicine so I looked for healthy alternatives. So I combined using this and EFA omega 3s and after two weeks the blood clot in my leg started to slowly disappear so I as now I have total relief. Im very happy with this product and I have ordered more I hope it works for others the same as it has for me.


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