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Absolutely Works!

Reviewer1132904发表于 Aug 07, 2008

This, along with the Energy Revitatlization System from Enzamatic Therapy, has made a dramatic difference in the way I feel. After being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia last year, no prescription the doctor gave me helped me like these 2 products. I consider them to be a miracle.


Wonderful for energy

Reviewer1782385发表于 Jun 14, 2007

I have CFS and this product has really helped with my energy level. I still have bad days but even those are not as bad as they were before taking D-Ribose. I take three scoops a day. You may need to take the whole container before you feel any results.


Fibromyalgia LIFESAVER!

Reviewer1798622发表于 Jul 13, 2009

I am a mom of two beautiful daughter and have been married for almost thirteen years! My Fibromyalgia symtoms had been ruining my lifestyle for a few years when I was introduced to Vitamin D3 & Ribose. The D3 helped me to be able to effectively manage many of my symptoms. Yet, the everyday soreness and stiffness I experienced was overwhelming at times. I felt like a 30 Y/O in a 50 Y/O body. So trying to do the average things moms and wives do was difficult. I read From Fatigue to Fantastic and learned about Ribose being used with people who suffered from auto immune problems, instead of just athlete who needed to recover faster. I gave it a try. Three scoops a day for two weeks, then two scoops a day after that. I was convinced after the first week! I know had energy to last me past putting my kids to bed. I could clean my house on a regular schedule, and enjoy everyday life again. I would recommend this to ANYONE who needs energy and relief from muscle fatigue. My only caution would be to check with your Dr. if you have any problems processing sugar. Even though our bodies make Ribose, some, like my mom, have problems adding the Ribose to their diet. And thanks to iHerb.com I can afford to keep getting the benifits I need!!!!!


Chronic fatigue help

Reviewer2134008发表于 Oct 15, 2007

With acetyl carnitine and CoQ10, this product works quickly and effectively to boost energy and stamina in our chronic fatigue daughter. The rest of us experience lessened brain fog and increased energy, as well.


Peggy Carraway Murray KY

Reviewer3090815发表于 Jul 28, 2008

This is a great buy. I had been buying in my local health food store, but will buy from iHerb from now on. Not only does Doctor's best D Ribose mix better but you only need to use one scoop. I use it for my fibromyalgia and WOW what a difference. I was out of it for about a week and my body began to ache and stiffen up. I have been using Ribose for about nine months--no pain and no pain pills.


Excellent Product!

Reviewer2043035发表于 Jul 30, 2008

I've tried other d-ribose products and Doctor's Best stands out above them all. This is definitely the best one. I notice a results within 20 minutes. I take it twice a day and won't go a day without it. A side benefit is that it lowers your blood sugar levels!


It really works

Reviewer2657105发表于 Jun 12, 2008

I noticed within just a few days that my brain fog was getting better.


Best product for energy!

Reviewer1615800发表于 Sep 06, 2008

This is a magnificent product! It helps restores sore muscles to normal and gives you unbelievable energy! My husband's cardiologist recommended it and we both take it religiously. We are 67 and feel terrific!


Great product...

Reviewer3298417发表于 Feb 12, 2008

at a great price! As a brand, I love the value I get from Doctor's Best products, especially at iHerb.com. The products are packaged and labeled so as to match the dosages used in clinical trials, and that makes it easier to get the best value for my dollar, too. This product is helping me and my children with our fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome problems and my husband with his strength training and energy levels. I recommend it...but don't buy so much they run out so that I can't get it!


d ribose

Reviewer1320847发表于 Jun 11, 2008

Once I added this to my treatment regimen for chronic fatigue, at 15 to 30 grams per day, I got significant relief within a few days, and by the time I ran out I had also lost five pounds after months of no loss. Probably couldn't get results like that using it by itself though. Best price I've seen too, and they get so much worse elsewhere.


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