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Good product

Reviewer1725305发表于 Apr 04, 2016

I have been taking this product for over two years. I take it because I have bad bones and was advised I need it. It is hard to tell if it is working or not. I do know I have not broken any bones. Dr. Best is a good brand.


I'll keep ordering

Reviewer2285259发表于 Aug 15, 2015

I check iherb customer reviews when I'm looking for a supplement for a particular issue. I'm 64 and have osteopenia. I was taking calcium, and found this supplement which got many good reviews from women who raved about their better bone scan results, so I take it regularly.


Great product

5334672593975771447发表于 Feb 23, 2015

I'm confident it will help ward off osteoporosis


Strontium for bones

4687652656626075753发表于 Feb 15, 2015

Arrived promptly. Good price and product. Very satisfied.


Strontium - superb

Reviewer1391377发表于 Jan 16, 2015

I feel strongly that bones and teeth will benefit from this product (brief googling will collaborate this). As a young person with reasonable diet I don't feel inclined to take more than 1 (despite recommend dosage being 2) of these a day and I will likely wait a year or so before ordering/using again.


Doctor's Best Strontium increased my bone density.

Reviewer1027315发表于 Dec 05, 2014

I've been using Doctor's Best Strontium Bone Maker for about 3 years. I had a bone density scan after using it for 2 years and, for the first time since my osteoporosis diagnosis, my numbers were improved. They didn't improve while using Fosamax, but did using the strontium. Here are my numbers. They are still not great, but they're finally getting better and I've stopped the downward spiral. 9/2005: lumbar spine: -2.6; left hip: -2.1 2/2009: lumbar spine: -2.8; left hip: -2.1 12/2011: lumbar spine: -3.4; left hip: -2.9 12/2013: lumbar spine: -2.9; left hip: -2.7 (taking Strontium)


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we share the same language!

5010911804481336715发表于 Oct 05, 2014

i have started using the product, i read a number of good reviews on this site i had to contact iherb on a number of occasions as delivery was past due date for shipping i chose an order of less than £15 so there would be no HMRC or Royal mail duties added to slow shipment to delay shipping. i found their customer services prompt but on a number of occasions did not listen to the point I was making, the capsules are rather, bulky.the product itself seems ok but the proof is in the pudding



5603402729586882282发表于 Sep 30, 2014

Strontium Bone Maker is the best substitute for a product recommended by the "Berkeley Wellness Letter:" strontium ranalate. Woman with a bone density test that indicates bone loss, should seriously consider doing something to strengthen their bones. I believe Strontium Bone Maker helps to do just take. If the FDA ever gets around to approving strontium ranalate in this country, I hope that iHerb is on the frontline to make it available to their customers.


Bone density

Reviewer3089243发表于 Sep 29, 2014

Read many research articles on this item, Strontium, on bone density and osteoporosis issues. It seems to work well, did provide relief to my aching arthritic knees. I do highly recommended, especially for older folks with these joints and bone-related issues. With regular exercise, possibly light walking daily in the worse case, I believe, one will see a difference with their health, pain management.


It does make a difference

Jeanne1974发表于 Sep 12, 2014

I have re-ordered these because they do help with bone strengthening. I only take one, as I am unsure of the effects of such a large dose of Strontium, but my hip is improving in strength on these (severe osteoarthritis).


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