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Flushes out your system - helps clear skin

5090339320739142087发表于 Dec 07, 2013

I've been suffering from mild cystic acne since my early 30s. Topical treatments (Differin, salicylic acid, etc.) have had no effect on the frequency and severity of my breakouts so I ordered this after reading the reviews. I nearly abandoned the product after the first 3 days of usage. Prior to taking this product, I've never had gastrointestinal problems but for the first week of taking this probiotic, I had really severe bloating, indigestion and diarrhea. I'm glad that I reluctantly stuck to it because after 3 weeks of continued (and very uncomfortable) use, my initial stomach problems have disappeared and my skin has finally started to clear up! I think the initial problems were caused by the probiotics trying to flush out the junk in my system. I hope this works for other people suffering from cystic acne but I do suggest that you stick with it for at least 2 weeks.


I like it!

Reviewer2521086发表于 Nov 08, 2010

I have found these Probiotics to be the best i have tried. After 3 weeks i seem to have an ongoing yeast infection under control. My skin is clearer with fewer breakouts. However, it is still early days & time will tell...My fingers are crossed!


Probiotics are important after use of antibiotics

Reviewer1078931发表于 Jan 06, 2011

Was on antibiotics due to a wrong diagnosis. Then I used these. Make sure you have a restroom available while using these. They are cleaning me out. I'm usually very regular with a morning routine only. These have me running for the bathroom in the late morning again.


acne help...

Reviewer2086678发表于 Mar 29, 2008

My son had severe cystic acne. Even with antibiotics and prescribed cleansers it would not clear up. We took him off all of those things and started with this probiotic. So far, he has been on it about a month and worst of it seems to be clearing. There are only a few small pimples left. There is still redness and scarring. Maybe with time that will go away too.


Dr. Ohhira's Essential Formulas

Reviewer2897653发表于 Sep 14, 2008

The probiotics have helped to cut down on the gas I experience.


Excellent Probiotic Formula

Reviewer2190698发表于 Feb 27, 2009

I really felt the difference with this product, even when I only take 1 capsule. Many friends and family got a cold or the flu this year, except for me. I think Dr. Ohhira was one of the reasons why my immunity was so strong. It worked best in the morning approximately 30 mimutes before breakfast.


After readin reviews I bought it so should you

Honest-Reviews发表于 Nov 17, 2009

Sitting on my desk for over 10 hours a day has a negative impact on my digestion and so ever so often I get constipation. After ereading reviews here on iherb I decided to try this and do a little cleanse and I was impressed this totally cleaned me out after 4 days use and I will use at least once a year to sort my internal plumbing out.


Good product

Reviewer2060194发表于 Jun 21, 2009

I have taken this product for about 3 weeks now, and it has worked very well with helping with my cystic acne. Would recommend.


Really helps to regulate

Reviewer1177839发表于 Sep 07, 2010

The Probiotics help my husband's regularity even though he only takes 1 capsule a day.


Starting with one a day worked for us.

Reviewer1499756发表于 May 19, 2008

Recommended dose per packaging is 2 capsules/day. Due to possible constipation or runs as a response to the "remodeling" of the balance in the intestinal tract, we decided to start with one per day and see how our bodies responded to that. My husband, mother and I all take these and all had different types and degrees of response. After a week our mild reactions had gone and we are all up to the recommended dose.


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