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Dr Ohhira's Probiotocs - original formula

4730550158788910536发表于 Jun 01, 2013

after being dioginosed with several food allergies this has aided in settleing my gut. I am feeling so very different should of done this a long time ago


ok probiotic

mmiller发表于 Aug 17, 2013

I couldn't really tell any difference while taking this product.


I had high hopes, but...

Reviewer2589455发表于 Jan 16, 2014

After reading all the glowing reviews, I had high hopes for this pricey probiotics. So I'm sad to report that I don't notice much difference. Fyi, I did a loading dose and took them hours after food and on an empty stomach before bed and first thing in the morning. I also finished the box so I believe I gave them enough time. I think it just didn't have a noticeable effect on me because I'd already been taking probiotics (jarrows and fermented food) for a long time. I was hoping for a boost with these and even better health, but maybe that's not really possible. So these pills might be better for those with illnessness or chronic gut issues, rather than those who are already pretty healthy. Also the capsules are small and very easy to swallow. They smell pleasant to me, kind of like soya sauce.


Ok but not worth the extra cost

Reviewer1620876发表于 Mar 22, 2013

These did not work as well for me as Rainbow Light Advanced, Jarrow or the Digest Gold. Others rave about them so they must work for some bodies.



Reviewer2447997发表于 May 08, 2009

maybe i was expecting a miracle with this after reading so many great reviews, but i did not see much improvement from ibs.


Jury is still out...

Reviewer1738658发表于 May 14, 2009

I can't really say whether or not I have noticed a difference with these probiotics. They definately haven't helped in the "regularity" department though... I will probably be trying a different brand. I really liked the Ultimate Flora Critical Care but it requires refrigeration which isn't really convenient. I'll keep searching.


I don't know but it's not working for me.

Reviewer1776976发表于 Oct 29, 2009

I still get gas sometimes, upset stomach.. and I'm on 2 weeks. I had this many month ago, and I thought then why I didn't feel anything. So, I gave the second shot.. and it almost feels like before. Nothing new. I don't have that big problem on my stomach to notice any improvements except some occasional gas problems. I'm glad it's working for others but not for me. This is the last time, I would be trying it.


Okay product

Reviewer1149187发表于 Dec 16, 2009

Hardly enough beneficial bacteria to make a difference, its great that it is a whole based probiotic still in its fermenting state, but it's simply not enough to make a difference. I highly advise that you save your money and start fermenting your own vegetables & kefir. Thanks iHerb!


Was brilliant - initially

Reviewer1860754发表于 Feb 21, 2010

Hey the first lot I got - it worked wonders. I wasn't bloated and went sometimes 3 times to use my bowels a day!!! I just had to get more - of which I did. But it had no effect the second time around. None at all - puzzled.


Caused Severe Rash

Reviewer1742629发表于 Mar 29, 2010

I'm sure this is a good product but wanted people to be aware that it caused a severe genital rash when I used it. It took me several months to figure out what was causing the rash. At first I thought it was a yeast infection but it didn't respond to treatment. Two doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong. I stopped the probiotics for a different reason and the rash cleared up. Started again and the rash came back. I tried this 3 times and each time was the same so I had to conclude it was the Dr. Ohhirra's that was causing the rash. Have not had a problem since I stopped using the probiotics. I took one pill per day in the early morning on an empty stomach with distilled water as directed. I guess I just didn't need probiotics.


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