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Not worth the money

5559259213932230566发表于 Jun 15, 2016

After using it my skin became very dry and also I didn't like its smell.


My hair was gross and my face broke out

Reviewer1680490发表于 Feb 08, 2012

I wanted to love this stuff. I have used pure black soap as a shampoo and a body wash before. And I only use shea butter for my body lotion so I thought this would be a great product. The smell didn’t bother me too much but my hair was horrible after one wash. I am half black, half white so I thought the extra moisture from the shea butter would be fine for my hair but it wasn’t. I actually had to rewash my hair after drying it cause it was so oily I couldn't stand it. And when I used it on my face, my skin looked awful. So I had to throw the bottle away since it seemed to do nothing for me.


Horrific smell

livelig发表于 Jun 26, 2012

I did not care for this product at all, the smell is horrific and I did not like the feel of the soap on my skin - mainly because of the smell. It's beyond me how this is such a popular product - will not buy again.


Product is Good. Perfumy Smell is Not.

Reviewer3293939发表于 Nov 26, 2012

Not sure why they felt the need to add fragrance to this product. It's okay to use in the shower if you have time for a double or triple rinse, but using it for hand-soap means you practically have to re-wash your hands with something else to get rid of the heavy fragrance. And imo, it's not even a particularly 'good' fragrance. The consistency of the product is good, though, and it isn't drying to the skin, but there's no need to add ANY fragrance, so it's hard to understand why they would.


Can't stand the smell

Reviewer2978222发表于 Mar 06, 2013

Nice feel but I can't stand the smell. Too bad.


Not good for Eczema

5032846949482008511发表于 Aug 07, 2013

My daugher has skin problem - Eczema. I specially bought it for her for bathing. But I found my daugher skin becomes worse after using it. When I change back to her previous bath soap, her skin becomes better and no itching at night. I am not sure if she is allergy for some ingredients inside.


Strong scent

Reviewer2190126发表于 Jul 02, 2014

Used product once and then threw it out. If you are sensitive to fragrance don't buy this product. The fragrance stays on your skin. I had to shower a second time with my favorite Dr Bronners to get rid of it. It also does not lather very well.


Vile smell, not recommended!

Reviewer1719265发表于 Dec 04, 2014

I am writing my first iherb review after having purchased hundreds of products- to share that this smells awful!It's powerfully sickly sweet, reminescent of cheap men's cologne (like others have said) but far worse, with an undertone of something one cannot place, which can only be described as 'off'. I thought that I would relegate it to handwash but it's too stinky for that. I have a full bottle and I don't know what to do- who can I give it away to?! It will be interesting to see if I can find someone who can tolerate it. I had read varied reviews of ths product and ignored the bad smell ones as i liked the idea of black soap with shea butter- will you be the next to make this mistake? Good luck!


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