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Best Spirulina I know

katmakiah发表于 1月 13, 2009

This is the finest quality and (after trying NOW brand) I can safely say there is a HUGE difference in how Earthrise makes me feel. The taste difference is obvious. This tastes fresh and clean. I have gone through many bottles now. YUM!!!! Fruit smoothie with apple juice, strawberries, 1 banana, raspberries and 2 TBL of Spirulina. Add 1 T Jarrow Yaeyama chlorella for the most health benefit! great online book at www.chlorellafactor.com gives loads of information! Dogs get some with every meal.



Reviewer3086304发表于 8月 30, 2012

Mixed it with smoothie drink prepared daily.



Reviewer1773062发表于 2月 09, 2010

good quality powder ,man...experienced spirulina person here...based on comparisons to other brands I have used


Very good brand

Reviewer1286291发表于 5月 03, 2010

Me and my partner have been taking spirulina everyday for a few years now, since I have been taking it I almost never get a cold or get sick. Before taking it I got tons of colds and respiratory infections. This brand is great, lots of spirulina at a very good price (specially in Europe where it's expensive) and it's not stinky at all, some brands are. I tastes better too.


best spirulina

Reviewer2457770发表于 5月 16, 2009

Used this before and will use it again. Best brand. It doesn't give me upset stomach. If anything, it calms my stomach. Other brands made me nauseous and gave me headaches. This brand is great.


Earthrise, Spirulina Natural, 16oz

Reviewer1948093发表于 8月 31, 2008

An unbeatable deal on such a healthy product for both man and animal. I raise exotic finches and softbills, many that it is very difficult to meet their nutritional needs in captivity. Spirulina's high protein and wide vitamin and mineral content is a big help in meeting those needs. The fact that birds and all the mammals that I have used it with really like it helps too. It can be added to many foods for our benefit as well, with no noticable difference in taste. Its nutrient content is beat preseved if not cooked. It does add a vibrant green color to everything, something to keep in mind as it can be of use at times. Laura P.



4948930718531700762发表于 8月 12, 2014

Spirulina is great. It has done wonders for my hair, my skin. I take it every day with water. This particular brand has a lot more palatable than the other brands I've tried, but is relatively more expensive. I recommend it for people who can not tolerate much flavor definitely will like this, in my case I will try another brand and see with which I will remain, for the moment this product has left me quite satisfied.


morning cocktail

101010011发表于 7月 11, 2012

many years ago, i was turned onto spirulina by a friend who would use it to help out with her anemia. i just needed something to help get me energized in the morning. six years later, i am still using spirulina mixed with chlorella, practically every morning. earthrise was the first spirulina i ever tried, and i would say it still is one of the top algae products out there on the market along with nutrex hawaii and healthforce nutritionals


It seem fine to me

Reviewer3327222发表于 4月 27, 2009

I have tried spirulina from other brands. This one seems to be fine to me so far. I am still monitor the result after taking this spirulina. The taste is fine to me as well.


Fantastic Product

Reviewer3199671发表于 9月 05, 2011

I feel stronger and healthier after taking this every morning. My skin is glowing!


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